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Ethics & Specialty

The Ins and Outs of Tax Audits

During tax season it becomes more important than ever to understand the ramifications of tax audits. Learn from a tax negotiation specialist how to avoid, defend, and reopen a previously closed tax audit. Topics to be covered include: The Initial Tax Audit Letter and its significance How to Respond, including feeling out the tax agent, asking for a tax case transfer etc. How to Defend the tax examination The benefits of reopening a previously closed tax audit How to work the proce...

General Credits

A Guide to Ethical Billing Practices and Retainer Agreements

Attorney client relationships are based on many factors, but underlying it all is a business transaction. And like all business transactions, payment for services rendered is an essential factor. But as billing systems and retainer agreements have become more complicated, they have also come under greater scrutiny. It has become far more common for disciplinary authorities to inspect these agreements and incur significant penalties for those who violate the rules. This informative CLE course,...

Ethics Credits

Protest Lawyering Theory and Practice

In the wake of the Arab Spring and American Autumn protests of 2011, public protest actions are becoming increasingly common, and attorneys are increasingly being sought out by individuals and organizations to assist in these protest actions, whether in securing permitting, observing police interactions, or defending arrested protesters. Join a panel of seasoned practitioners in exploring the relevant laws and practices that mediate and define first amendment protected protest activitie...

Total Credits
Incl. 2.5 Ethics

Ethical Issues of Mobile Lawyering

Electronic communication has made businesses more economical, environmental, and efficient. The speed and ease with which we conduct transactions, from the simplest to the most complex, is unprecedented. But the new modes of communication have drawbacks, especially for an industry as nuanced as the legal profession. This comprehensive CLE course will explain the challenges of electronic communication, the additional onus of ethical obligations, the newest statutes, additions and addend...

Ethics Credits

Technology, Privacy and Confidentiality: An Ethical Guide to Electronic Communication & Compliance

Communication today is almost entirely electronic, web-based and instantaneous. This is true across all industries and is relevant to almost all types of communications. And while most businesses expect, require and create provisions for confidentiality, none are as restricted as the legal profession. This contemporary CLE course will explain the legal and ethical issues inherent in web-based communications, e-documents and cloud-sharing. The course will cover e-discovery and e-filing, malicio...

Ethics Credits

Down the Runway: A Day of Fashion Law

Join us for a program aimed at practitioners confronted with the legal implications of representing a client in the fashion industry. A variety of issues may arise when representing a fashion client, from intellectual property, to labor and employment, to corporate governance, customs and even advertising issues. A faculty of experts will tackle the most salient issues pertinent to the fashion law practitioner. Panel I – The Business Foundation Panel II – The Business of Fashion Panel...

General Credits

Basic Bankruptcy Law

In this difficult economic climate, it is more important than ever for attorneys to know the basics of consumer bankruptcy law and how they can protect their clients and their assets. Topics discussed include: Conducting the client meeting; Deciding whether Bankruptcy is the proper option for your client; Evaluating which Chapter to file for Bankruptcy under; Satisfying the Attorney's responsibilities; Satisfying the "means test"; Ethical Issues

General Credits

Junk Science or a Ticket to Freedom: An Analysis of Forensic Evidence

The rapid progress in forensic sciences should be providing more accurate identifications, less arguable evidence and greater clarity in criminal prosecution. But shockingly, the two primary issues that have circulated around forensic sciences in criminal cases are its tendency to exonerate previously convicted individuals and the many reports attesting to the lack of scientific basis for its use. In this riveting and of-the-moment CLE course, renowned attorney Jeffrey Schwartz offers a comprehe...

General Credits

NYS Tax Obligations for Businesses Conducting Commerce on the Internet

Gain an overview of the New York State sales tax obligations for New York based businesses engaged in commerce on the Internet. A panel of experts explore many of the interesting issues and “wrinkles” that arise during the course of the transactions.

General Credits

Negotiating Skills for Lawyers: How to Win Gracefully

In the study of contract negotiations, there is perhaps no greater teaching tool than experience. Lots of it. This CLE course, presented by a veteran of contract negotiation, not only offers tried and true strategies for successfully negotiating contracts, but does so based on the most contentious of industries—the theater business, where egos are highest, the job market is smallest and the personalities are the least predictable. The course explains, amid entertaining anecdotes, important tip...

General Credits
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