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Colorado Continuing Legal Education - CO CLE

NACLE provides fully accredited CLE courses in Colorado. Our courses are available on CDs, DVDs, Online & Mobile App.

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CO CLE Requirements

Total CLE Requirements:

45 credit hours every three years of which 7 hours in area of ethics. All credit hours can be satisfied through NACLE.

Colorado Contact Info:

State of Colorado Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education
1300 Broadway Suite 510
Denver, CO 80203
(p) (303) 928-7771

Accreditation Info

National Academy of Continuing Legal Education is an approved sponsor of CLE in Colorado. The Colorado Supreme Court maintains a CLE Course Sponsor directory on their website at under “NACLE”.

National Academy of Continuing Legal Education courses are accredited by numerous mandatory CLE States, the Colorado Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal Education will accept all credits earned from NACLE through reciprocity. Attorneys can earn all 45 hours including the specialty requirement through the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education. Attorneys may use our DVDs, Audio CDs, Online & iOS/Android App formats.

The CLE deadline is December 31st of the last year of your 3 year compliance period. Credits cannot be carried over from one cycle to the next cycle. Attorneys must self-report completion of CLE. The deadline for reporting your attendance is January 31st. The Certificate of Completion issued by National Academy may be used to verify attendance. Members should retain their original certified affidavits and must submit a copy of each certified affidavit to the State of Colorado Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education.

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