Frequently Asked Questions

Icon for Question: What formats do you offer for your courses?
We offer courses on CD, DVD, and USB Stick in addition to online via the web and our exclusive iOS/Android App.
Icon for Question: How do I access my courses after my purchase is complete?

When you purchase courses from us an online account is created for you that includes our free, exclusive CLE Tracker. Your courses are placed into your account and you can access them at any time and with any device (desktop, laptop, mobile device, iOS/Android App, etc...). If you add Audio CDs or DVDs to your purchase they will be shipped out to you expeditiously but you will also have online access to your courses within your CLE account should you want to start them immediately.*

*Please note that a small portion of our courses are only available on Audio CD & DVD as indicated on the detail page for the course. If you choose one or more of these courses you will still be able to access the accompanying course materials as well as submit your affidavits for these courses through your online account.

Icon for Question: When I finish taking my courses how do I receive a certificate of completion?

Our certification process is a breeze. After you complete each course in your online CLE Account you will be shown a short affidavit form to fill out. Once you fill out this form your CLE Certificate will be instantly generated and you can download the certificate or have it sent to your email. Your certificates will be saved inside your CLE account so you can access them at any time now or in the future. If you are licensed in a state where providers report attendance we will be automatically notified of your affidavit submission and report your attendance on your behalf (check our CLE Rules for more information about the process in your state).

Icon for Question: I am licensed in more than one state. Can I simultaneously satisfy my CLE requirements for more than one state with you?
We are accredited to provide CLE for attorneys in the majority of states across the country and accordingly we have courses that qualify for CLE credit in multiple states. So you can take one course with us that will simultaneously earn you credit in two or more of your licensed states! To get started, simply select one of your licensed states to make your purchase and you can request credit in additional states during checkout.
Icon for Question: Once my purchase is complete, how much time will I have to complete the courses?
"Instant Bundles" and Individual Course purchases must be used within one year from the date of purchase. "Custom Bundles" credits expire one year after the date of purchase and you may substitute a course for another one during that year so long as the credit amount is the same. If you purchased an Unlimited CLE subscription you have until the expiration of the subscription term to take your courses and submit your affidavits. Additionally, we have certain promotions from time to time for discounted purchases that expire after a length of time. The expiration date will be indicated at the time of purchase and on your invoice.
Icon for Question: Do you have live CLE webinars?
Yes, we offer live interactive webinars for attorneys licensed in states that have a live requirement. Our webinars are easy to access and you can purchase them the same way you purchase our on-demand courses. Simply choose your state to get started. We update our webinar calendar frequently so check back often!
Icon for Question: What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards as well as electronic check. If you would like to pay with an alternate method please contact us.
Icon for Question: If I am an existing client who cannot find my log in information should I create new registration?

If you would like to access your existing account but no longer have access to the email address your account is under, please contact us.

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