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  • Constitutional Challenges to the Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act

    The Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) was enacted by the New York State Legislature to correct perceived manipulations of the statute of limitations in foreclosure actions pending in New York State. In this course, FAPA is discussed in relation to how it affects various provisions of the CPLR, the RPAPL and GOL. In addition, FAPA has been challenged as unconstitutional on various grounds: including substantive due process, contracts clause and separation of powers. These constitutio... More Info

    1General Credit
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Ethics: No Nonsense

    This course will explore the origins of ethics and focus on how that obligation to remain virtuous and honorable still impacts lawyers today. The course will focus on the 5 C’s of Virginia Ethics (i.e., Competence, Communication, Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest, and Candor). Each has a significant impact on an attorney’s ability to practice within the lines of ethical behavior and how attorneys should reflect these rules in their representation of clients. Participants will have... More Info

    2Ethics Credits
  • Ethical Client Management: Tips and Tricks On What Can Save You Problems

    This CLE is a look at starting the client relationship and ethically managing initial client expectations. Sprinkled with examples and ethical rule applications, review how to start a client relationship off on the right foot in terms of client goals and attitudes. Learn tips and tricks to avoid problems and stay in compliance with attorney regulation at the start of taking on a client. More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • The Ten Worst Ethics Nightmares You Can Have

    This program will be a rapid analysis of the 10 disastrous errors you can make in the world of Legal Ethics that will give you nightmares or even derail your career. These groups of errors are not totally inclusive of the challenges that face a modern practitioner but anyone who is actively engaged in the practice of Law will recognize these risks. Each of the 10 categories has its own set of consequences but also its own set of practice tips to avoid the nightmare. Some of the topics... More Info

    1.5Ethics Credits
  • PFAS: The Forever Chemicals

    Developed in the 1950s, PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) have been used in the manufacture of non-stick coatings, waterproofing materials, fire-suppression chemicals, and other products. Water supplies and food throughout the world have been found to contain PFAS. Studies have linked PFAS with several forms of cancer and a variety of non-cancerous ailments. Federal and state PFAS regulations have recently been promulgated. Environmental and personal injury litigation has... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Roe v Wade: Abortion Post Dobbs

    In this CLE course, the Instructor will discuss the recent Dobbs’ decision in which the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) found that there is no federal right to abortion and overruled both "Roe v. Wade" and " Planned Parenthood v. Casey". This created a sea change in federal Due Process law particularly concerning the rights of liberty and privacy. The Instructor explains the over 100—page decision in practical terms and discusses possible litigation, which could result from... More Info

    1.1General Credits
  • The Ethics of Witness Preparation: Does ABA Ethics Rules Change the Dynamics for Preparing Witnesses?

    Our panelists, highly experienced trial and litigation specialists, will discuss the impact of new ABA Formal Opinion 508, dealing with “The Ethics of Witness Preparation”. They will discuss the impact of the opinion on counsel’s approach to working with witnesses, including a client, to testify at deposition and trial. This course will answer these questions: How does the opinion change the ethics rules? What are the ethical limits working with favorable witnesses and clients in pr... More Info

    1.2Ethics Credits
  • Federal Civil Procedure: Practicing Tips for Federal Litigation

    Step into the federal courtroom with confidence. This CLE course is designed to demystify the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and arm attorneys with the essential knowledge needed to navigate federal civil litigation. Whether you are an occasional federal practitioner or looking to brush up on the FRCP, this course offers a focused overview of the critical stages of federal litigation—from removal and jurisdiction, pleadings, and discovery, evidentiary issues, and pretrial issues. Gain... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Starting Strong: Estate Planning Strategies for Premarital and Newlywed Couples

    This CLE provides attorneys with essential insights into navigating the complex intersection of love, marriage, and estate maters. This CLE course delves into crucial topics such as prenuptial agreements, joint estate planning, tax implications, and legacy considerations. Attorneys will gain practical tools to help clients communicate effectively about their estates, manage shared assets, and plan for a secure future together. With a focus on fostering estate harmony, this course equip... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Survival Of The Fit in Criminal Lit

    Unlock the keys to litigation success with this CLE course, led by a seasoned attorney with a 40 years of invaluable real-world experience. This course is designed to provide participants with practical insights, strategies, and actionable steps to navigate the criminal litigation. More Info

    1General Credit

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