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  • Starting, Managing and Growing Your New Practice

    Starting any new business can be daunting. You have the legal knowledge and perhaps even some clients, but how do you start and manage the business side of the firm—something typically not taught in law school! This CLE will focus on effectively managing the business and tips for running an effective office. Topics will cover how to select a location and balance the rent obligation with subletting possibilities. Also discussed will be staffing, including perhaps sharing a secretary,... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Services Industry: What Every Attorney Needs to Know

    Do you refer clients to financial advisers? Lawyers need to understand the regulatory framework that distinguishes financial advisers, particularly in light of new (2020) disclosure documents (Form CRS). In this program, we will cover how financial advisers are regulated; how standards of care differ; how to recognize potential conflicts of interest that can affect the adviser-client relationship; and most importantly, how new SEC disclosure tools make your due diligence process easie... More Info

    1General Credit
  • How To Write a Persuasive Motion

    This CLE course is designed to explore the art of drafting persuasive legal motions. Tailored for practicing attorneys seeking to enhance their advocacy skills, this one-hour course delves into structuring compelling arguments, constructing engaging factual narratives, and navigating the stages of motion practice. From mastering citation formats to addressing ethical considerations, participants will gain practical tips essential for effective motion writing. Whether you're a seasoned... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Basic Business Lawyering For Small Company Clients

    Providing business law services to small company clients is similar to…but is not the same …as doing so for a medium sized or larger company. This CLE course is primarily directed to (a) beginning lawyers who plan to practice business law; (b) experienced lawyers who have switched, or plan to switch from other practice areas to business law and (c) in either case, to mostly represent “smaller” companies (e.g., typically less than $100M annual revenue; less than 500 employees). The cour... More Info

    3.5General Credits
  • The Rise of The Machines: A Lawyer's Guide to Avoiding Legal Extinction

    This CLE course will introduce attorneys, across the board, to the transformative effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the legal industry. It begins with a clear-cut breakdown of AI and Machine Learning (ML), and their practical applications in law. Then, with focus on how to harness the power of AI for legal tasks using tools like Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), participants will learn straightforward techniques to improve research and document drafting with AI assistance... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Cybersecurity Risks, Insurance, Employee Conduct, AI: What Does it All Mean to Lawyering in a Cyberworld?

    For the 9th year, Program Chair Mark Rosen and an expert faculty seek to inform the legal and business communities about the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity and lawyering in a cyber world that are too important to ignore. Our all-star faculty will address the key issues, threats, and the ever changing roles and responsibilities of attorneys and firms in a constantly evolving cyberworld. Topic to be discussed include: Is AI a marketing phrase or a tool? Cyber... More Info

    5.75Total Credits
    1 Ethics
  • Data Privacy in Higher Education

    This CLE is designed for lawyers who want a better understanding of the unique data privacy concerns relevant to higher education. Colleges and Universities must comply with data privacy standards that can impact students, employees, alumni, donors, and the work of the institution. The course is meant to provide a general overview of the topic of data privacy as it applies to the unique needs of this industry. More Info

    1General Credit
  • The Business Side Of Your Plaintiffs Practice: Survival In The Dark Days and What To Do When The Sun Shines

    Our speakers are the senior principals in their own firms and have many years of experience in managing their litigation practice. They will provide their thoughts, based on that experience, about what you need to know in managing that type of law practice in today’s environment, with an emphasis on small and more medium sized firms. They will address the list of management issues with an emphasis on overseeing your case load, your intake, and the operation of your practice. The pan... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Generative AI and the Law

    Join us for an exclusive presentation at NYCLA, where we’ll dive deep into the captivating realm of AI and its legal implications. Delve into the dynamic world of generative AI, examining its profound impact on copyright, data privacy, liability, and beyond. Engage with industry experts as we uncover key legal challenges and explore potential solutions to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. Discover the forefront of legal innovation on AI and Legal Issues presentation. Uncover the intric... More Info

    2.25General Credits
  • Getting and Keeping Cases From The Plaintiffs Perspective: Delivering on Your Promises of Performance

    Our speakers will discuss how to realistically market your firm given your experience and firm resources. Not everyone can afford television and media advertising, so how to you get the word out. The panelists will also discuss ways to ensure your client relationships are maintained at a high level, and how your clients can contribute to your marketing efforts. This is a practical overview of the business of attracting clients and keeping them informed and responsive to your efforts.... More Info

    1General Credit

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