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  • Representing Comic Book Creator Clients: A Guide to Contractual and IP Issues

    This CLE program tracks recent trends in comic book business and legal practice as it introduces lawyers to the fundamentals of representing comic book industry clients. The discussion tracks the stages of representing a client from the initial comic book concept through to the negotiation of the publishing agreement. Some of the issues explored in this CLE: Intellectual property issues in the comic book industry Service agreements and collaboration agreements What publishers... More Info

    3General Credits
  • Common Ethical Dilemmas in Civil Practice

    The ethical obligations that attorneys must uphold may be complicated, never more so than when it’s your client who is blurring the lines. This CLE course will explain ethical codes of competence, candor, confidentiality and diligence. The course will present challenging dilemmas in civil practices such as when a client commits perjury, managing social media posts and addressing scams targeting settlement monies in a firm’s trust fund. Practical advice on preventing and managing these and many... More Info

    1.25Ethics Credits
  • Preparing a Nursing Home Case for Trial

    Nursing home cases are particularly challenging. This CLE course will explain the foundational requirements for such cases and the preparation needed in the weeks leading up to the trial. The course will review what’s needed to properly admit evidence, using demonstratives, successful case organization and best practices for implementing technology. Logistical and strategical concerns will also be addressed. More Info

    1.25General Credits
  • What Are Mechanic’s and Construction Liens and Why Do They Matter for Your Project?

    Mechanic’s and Construction Liens are a powerful tool to secure monies due to contractors and others who provide labor and materials to improve real property. This course will provide an exhaustive discourse on the use of mechanic’s and Construction liens on both public and private improvements, as well as the steps that owners may take to respond to the liens. Brian J. Markowitz, Esq. and Max Rayetsky, Esq. will begin by discussing general principles of the Lien Law, and will proceed with an... More Info

    1.75General Credits
  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965: A Cornerstone of Equal Rights for All Americans

    The Voting Rights Act of 1965 marked a pivotal moment in the history of voter law. This CLE course, presented by commercial and corporate lawyer Louis J. Braun, will present the context of this historic act including the 15th amendment, the history of voting rights and the denial of this right to specific groups, the incredible pathway to the passing of the act and the incredible vigilance necessary to maintain it and all freedoms of the American people. More Info

    1.25General Credits
  • Voir Dire: The Differences between Civil and Criminal Litigation

    Understand how to select a jury from the perspective of the plaintiff/prosecutor and the defendant in a civil and a criminal case. The different considerations that arise when selecting a jury for a criminal and a civil case will be discussed, as well as how to identify implicit bias on the part of jurors or counsel, and how to deal with it when bias does occur. More Info

    3Total Credits
    1 Div
  • FMLA Checklist: Step-By-Step Compliance

    The FMLA is a complicated and legalistic law that can create many legal pitfalls. Understanding how to ensure compliance with this law from start to finish is an essential step in ensuring compliance. This is a how-to guide that can be kept by your desk to ensure FMLA compliance by you and your organization. It will cover in-depth the legal requirements set forth in the FMLA with regard to leave of absences and will provide a step-by-step plan of action for those in HR and Benefits Administra... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Multi-State Employers: Drafting Employee Handbooks Compliant in all States

    Understanding what an employee handbook must have in it is tough enough. However, if you are a multi-state employer doing business in more than one state, it is even more complicated. There are a multitude of laws that vary state by state that an organization needs to ensure compliance with. Failure to do so can put an organization at legal peril. One of the causes for concern when drafting a multi-state handbook is that employers must comply with both federal and state laws concern... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Updates for your Employee Handbook: How to Ensure Legal Compliance and Avoid Liability

    Are you ready for all the changes in laws and policies that may require revisions to your policies and procedures? Handbooks should be updated at least annually to ensure that they are in compliance with recent federal, state and local laws that have been passed as well as with important court decisions that could impact your organization. Attend this CLE program to better understand important protections that your employee handbook needs to contain to best protect you. Learn what recent le... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Bringing Class Actions & Mass Claims to Resolution

    Rodney Max, a principal with Upchurch Watson White and Max Mediation Group, and UWWM mediator Steven Jaffe explains how to maintain ethical standards and civil discourse during mediations that arise from class and mass actions. For this CLE program, their discussion is moderated by UWWM mediator Jeffrey M. Fleming, who also serves as an arbitrator and special magistrate. More Info

    1General Credit

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