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  • Custody Decisions: When God and Culture Have a Say

    This CLE lecture will present an analysis of cases relating to custody matters characterized by the issues of culture and religion, as well as the difference on these issues between the two parents. It will review case law and psychological protocols that are used to understand what factors a court will consider and what weight it will attribute in the handling of these matters. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Cryptomorphing The Legal Profession: Musings From A Stacker In The Rye

    The goal of this presentation is to expose lawyers to the rabbit hole of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and the effects and potential effects on the legal profession. We will discuss topics ranging from the acceptance of cryptocurrency as payment for legal services to the impact of blockchain technology and cryptcurrency projects on payment systems security transactions, smart contracts, and public record filings. The presentation will be successful if at the end a p... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • A Voyage Through the Terrain of NYS Administrative Hearings

    This CLE course is designed to assist new or unfamiliar attorneys and Administrative Law Judges to understand general aspects of New York State administrative adjudicatory proceedings. The itinerary includes instruction on the initial establishment of the New York State administrative hearing process, administrative law judges vs. other judges, the basic skills needed to conduct hearings, the relevant components of a hearing, the roles and functions of the parties and how to implement... More Info

    2.5General Credits
  • Diversity and Race in Jury Selection

    This course will take a historical look at diversity and race in jury selection and how “all-white juries” have led to infamous miscarriages of justice throughout the years. We will also examine how the Supreme Court has addressed racial discrimination in jury selection from the 1880s to present day, and how various courts have recently addressed this issue. Lastly, we will look at what states across the country are currently doing to limit racial discrimination in jury selecti... More Info

  • Handling Current Legal Ethical Issues

    This CLE course will address practical ethical issues that lawyers face as they work remotely during a pandemic, as well as when discussing personal legal matters with work colleagues. We will also examine recent examples of attorneys acting as “over”-zealous advocates for their clients, and some recent examples of what happens when lawyers behave badly. Topics include: Working Remotely Discussion with Colleagues about Personal Legal Matters “Over”-Zealous Advocacy Lawyers Behavi... More Info

    1.25Ethics Credits
  • War Crimes, Sanctions & The War In The Ukraine: A Review Of The Legal Aspects Of The Current War & The Laws That Apply

    During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian authorities and armed forces were accused of committing war crimes by carrying out both deliberate attacks against civilian targets and indiscriminate attacks in densely populated areas. The Russian military allegedly exposed the civilian population to unnecessary and disproportionate harm by using cluster munitions – a type of weapon that is prohibited by 110 states because of its immediate and long-term danger to civilians– and by firing other... More Info

    2.25General Credits
  • Handling Liens in Personal Injury Cases

    This CLE course is designed to present an overview of the “leeches” on every personal injury case – the statutory lien. It is suitable for the experienced and novice practitioner and will approach the issue generally rather than state specific. Though many liens are mentioned, the course will concentrate on the ones most encountered in typical practice: ERISA, Medicare and Medicaid. A topical outline will be provided as well as reference to a very practical book on the topic th... More Info

    1.25General Credits
  • The Intersection of Cannabis Law, Real Estate, and Local Government Policy

    When most attorneys think of cannabis law, they think regulatory, transactional, maybe even some litigation and M&A, but what most don't realize is that one of the most challenging parts of the cannabis industry is real estate. All cannabis business licenses are tied to a piece of real estate, and the state and local regulations that dictate what properties are permissible for cannabis businesses vary greatly. Between local land use, real estate transactions, complex sale leaseback a... More Info

    1General Credit
  • In the Beginning... and Before: Ethical Considerations at the Outset of Representation

    This is a two part lecture discussing the professional responsibilities of an attorney prior to representation. The first part of the lecture will discuss solicitation and barratry including ambulance chasing, rules of professional conduct, consequences, and enforcement. The second part will be a discussion on the importance of engagement letters, what they need to contain, and how they can be used to reduce the risk of malpractice claims. More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • Commercial Lease Disputes: To Litigate or Arbitrate; Which is the Best Way to Resolve Them

    During the COVID/Post-COVID Era there seems to be a proliferation of disputes between tenants and commercial landlords. So what is the best way to resolve them? Our panel of experts will discuss the pros and cons of commercial lease litigation as well as the pros and cons of commercial lease arbitration. There will also be a panel discussion of the hot button issues and ample time for questions and answers from the audience. More Info

    1.75General Credits

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