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Mississippi CLE - Contract Law Courses

This is a listing of Contract Law CLE Courses for Mississippi. Please make your selection below of Mississippi CLE courses. Our courses are available Online and with iOS/Android App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

Contract Law Courses

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Strategies for Drafting Concrete Indemnification Provisions

In theory, anyone can write a contract. But for an agreement to be worth anything more than the paper it’s written on, it must be clear and enforceable and significantly reduce a party’s risk. This CLE course will explain these general guidelines and also offer strategies for drafting such agreements including the importance of due diligence, and an understanding of representations and warranties. The course will also explain the purpose of indemnification agreements, its benefits and...

General Credits

The Role of Written Representations in M&A Contracts

Representations are key components of every M&A transaction. The Role of Written Representations in M&A Contracts is a course that focuses on clearly expressing and understanding the nuances associated with expressing written representations in M&A contracts. Topics covered include: making representations qualifications and exceptions to representations the use of disclosure schedules updating representations and disclosure schedules "bringing down" representations at closing an...

General Credits

Laws Of Arbitration As It Applies to Rabbinical Courts

A client request for representation in rabbinical court, known as Beit Din, may not be a daily occurrence, but when it does happen, attorneys had best be prepared. Though not by any means antiquated, the rabbinical court system has rules and regulations that most attorneys are unfamiliar with. This CLE course will explain the proper procedures for navigating the rabbinical court system, and will explain the relevant arbitration agreements and processes as well as the relationship between the s...

General Credits

Ethical Issues of Mobile Lawyering

Electronic communication has made businesses more economical, environmental, and efficient. The speed and ease with which we conduct transactions, from the simplest to the most complex, is unprecedented. But the new modes of communication have drawbacks, especially for an industry as nuanced as the legal profession. This comprehensive CLE course will explain the challenges of electronic communication, the additional onus of ethical obligations, the newest statutes, additions and addend...

Ethics Credits

Fundamental Concepts in Drafting Contracts: What Most Attorneys Fail to Consider

The reduction to writing of an agreed-upon understanding among parties can sometimes be viewed as a cursory step in formalizing a business relationship. Yet the manner in which concepts are expressed on a page is often as important as the concepts themselves. Solid contract-drafting skills are therefore essential tools to any attorney who deals with transactions or business relationships. Unfortunately, although contract counterparties might have the best of intentions, many contracts—even tho...

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