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Mississippi CLE - Government and Military Courses

This is a listing of Government and Military CLE Courses for Mississippi. Please make your selection below of Mississippi CLE courses. Our courses are available Online and with iOS/Android App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

Government and Military Courses

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Ethics Credits

A Legal Guide to Introducing International Products and Services to the U.S. Market

Introducing a product or service to the U.S. market requires a thought-out strategy that includes: selecting the best distribution model for a particular product or service maximizing the available intellectual property protection for your products and brand in the most cost-efficient manner planning and structuring your operations in the most tax-efficient manner navigating the maze of import, tariff and customs laws complying with any applicable rules or policies of the Federal Tr...

General Credits

The Montreal Convention: Rules and Regulations that Govern and Affect Most International Flights

Most international flights, including some notable international crashes, are governed by the terms and conditions of the Montreal Convention. Yet, many lawyers are not familiar with the Montreal Convention’s provisions. After coming into effect in the United States in 2003, the Montreal Convention governs international travel and limits the liability of carriers in the “international carriage of persons, baggage or cargo.” This CLE course will discuss (a) when the Montreal Conventio...

General Credits

Campaign Finance: A Legal Guide to Independent Expenditures

The issue of campaign finance has been a debate for over a century. One aspect of this debate is coordinated expenditures, how they are defined and their impact on a campaign. This CLE course will explain both sides of this issue, review the various committees involved in the campaign finance process, explain the difference between coordinated and independent expenditures and the legal and political ramifications of such contributions.

General Credits

Introduction to New Jersey Eminent Domain Law

Whether you are a litigator or a transactional attorney, the basics of New Jersey’s eminent domain process are part of the background and vocabulary that every practitioner should be generally familiar with. This course outlines those basics. How does the condemnation process work? What are the basic valuation issues that a property owner may be confronted with in common taking scenarios? What are the common pitfalls? In this lecture, you will learn these key points as well as se...

General Credits

Proving a Federal Social Security Disability Claim

Submitting a federal social security disability claim can be an overwhelming catastrophe of paperwork and bureaucracy for the uninformed. Take this CLE course to understand how the process works and how to navigate it successfully. The course will review the protocol for submitting federal social security disability claims, how to present burden of proof, the submission of evidence, the importance of work history and specific strategies for success. A review of relevant case history wi...

General Credits

Military Justice: A Primer

"Military Justice is to justice what Military Music is to music.” The military justice system is often an enigma to many attorneys and, as evidenced by Groucho Marx’ quotation, subject to certain misconceptions and suspicions. However, with our Nation’s continuing military conflicts many of your clients or their family members will have served in or have ties with the military and will have some encounter with the military justice system. Therefore, a basic understanding of military justice w...

General Credits

Introduction to New Jersey Municipal Court Practice

The Municipal Courts, though of limited jurisdiction, has its own rules and systems. It is therefore incumbent upon attorneys to understand the inner workings of the Municipal Court, its policies and procedures and to adhere to them. This CLE course will introduce attorneys to the Municipal Court System in NJ and explain New Jersey Court Rule Section 7, charges cognizable in Municipal Court, the framework for complaints, and how to navigate procedural issues, failure to appear, guilty...

General Credits

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