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  • Legal Ethics and the Mediation Process

    The use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), particularly in the area of mediation, has grown dramatically in the past ten years. However, it is a process that many counsel lack familiarity with. Judge Scheinkman will discuss the importance of ethical considerations that relate to settlement negotiations. Given the nature of mediation, it is important that the parties negotiate in an ethical fashion which translates into good faith. While trust of an adversary is a relative concep... More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • A Guide To Navigating The Maze Of New York City Zoning And Land Use

    This CLE course will offer a comprehensive introduction to zoning and land use, specifically in New York City. The course will present discussions of parking regulations of the Zoning Resolution, including use and bulk as well as the transfer of “air rights”. Mandatory affordable housing and the continuation of non-conforming uses and discretionary approvals, including that of special permits, variances and re-zoning, will be discussed. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Due Diligence Under The 33 Act: Avoid Disasters in the Middle of an IPO

    From due diligence to closing there are traps and pitfalls that can be anticipated. Attend this CLE course and learn from the lawyers and bankers what they confront and worry about during the marketing and distribution of initial public offerings. The panelists will provide real life examples of challenges that could have jeopardized the success of the IPO’s. Avoid the disasters and help assure your clients’ successful underwriting. More Info

    1.7General Credits
  • Ace Your Case: Trial Preparation and Strategy

    This CLE course will focus on preparing for a civil trial, in order to maximize your chances of winning. We will start by "mapping out" a trial strategy. The "mapping out" or "roadmap" will include how to prove your case, as well as to anticipate, and be ready to rebut, any effective counter-actions of the opposing side. The preparation will include deciding upon and organizing your physical evidence, as well as the witnesses who will help you get your proof into evidence, and otherwise help... More Info

    1.2General Credits
  • Hot Topics and Trends in Employment Law

    Join us for updates about the dynamic and fast-changing employment laws and EPL trends across the country. This CLE presentation reviews key developments in employment law over the last year and new legislation and trends affecting employment cases. Topics include the interplay between and among the FMLA, ADA, and OSHA with regard to Covid-related claims; confidentiality clauses in the post “me too” period; medical marijuana laws and accommodation issues, and post-Covid EPL verdict tre... More Info

    1.3General Credits
  • The Hidden Secrets of Constructive Trust Litigation

    This CLE course will address the hidden secrets of constructive trust litigation. A typical example could be if one’s client has executed a deed signing away his property, with full knowledge of what he was doing. However, he had an "understanding" that he would get it back someday. Does the statute of frauds bar relief? Maybe not. The author of the new book "Litigating Constructive Trusts" reveals some critical issues that come up in constructive trust cases, and how to use those matt... More Info

    1.6General Credits
  • Legal Issues for Growing Cannabis at Home

    Cannabis was legalized in New York under the Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act. During the tense negotiations and against the lobbying of trade groups such as the New York Medical Cannabis Industry, cannabis advocates fought for the inclusion of home cultivation in the new law. To our astonishment, we received word on March 30 that we had prevailed, and homegrown was included in the final version of the bill. In the mad rush for money that has since taken over the cannabis industry, hom... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Don’t Get Caught Without A Contractor’s License: The Downfalls and Damages of Working Without a License

    This course covers the basic overview of construction contractor licensing laws in California and discusses the consequences of violating the licensing requirements. We will cover the purpose of the licensing laws and their application to those who perform construction services, as well as applicable exemptions. The penalties for a violation can be severe and do not allow for equitable remedies. We will review recent case law that clarifies the remedy available to a project owner wh... More Info

    1.1General Credits
  • Case Selection, Evaluation, and Beyond

    Our panelists will discuss the elements of case selection, evaluation and other aspects relating to acceptance of representation. While focusing on personal injury and insurance cases, the topics will apply to many other types of cases. This will be a very extensive look at the topics by highly experience practitioners who are the senior members of their firms. More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Obtaining Discovery from Online Service Providers

    As claims for online misconduct are on the rise, it is crucial to understand how to obtain and preserve relevant information from service providers, who host a wealth of information about users. This CLE course will discuss the players, the type of information to be sought, and, critically, the length of time you have to obtain relevant digital evidence on behalf of your client. Traditional hard-copy document retention policies go out the window in the digital world so quick and decisi... More Info

    1.5General Credits

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