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Utah CLE - Litigation Courses

This is a listing of Litigation CLE Courses for Utah. Please make your selection below of Utah CLE courses. Our courses are available on CDs, DVDs, Online, and with iOS/Android App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

Litigation Courses

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Ethics & Specialty

The Wonderful World of Oz: Effective Strategies for Virtual Litigation

This CLE course will address the legal, practical and ethical challenges raised when parties, lawyers and judges or neutrals are proceeding remotely. It will discuss the trends for online depositions, hearings, trials, arbitrations and mediations, the most common problems litigants are facing and practical solutions for tackling those challenges. The program will also address some of the ethical issues the participants face as to preserving attorney-client privilege, assuring that co...

General Credits

What You Need to Know and Do to Try a Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Case

It is essential in trying a chronic traumatic encephalopathy case to attain knowledge of relevant neural science, neurology, neuroimaging and neuropsychology for direct examination of medical experts and, even more importantly, for cross examination by the utilization of generally accepted medical literature. Relevant literature is referred to regarding medical issues relating to CTE. The applicability of the Federal Rules of Evidence with regard to expert witnesses is also analyzed and discus...

General Credits

Criminal Defense Strategies: How Former Prosecutors Use Mitigation Information to Defend the Accused

This CLE course will provide an overview on how to humanize your criminal defense clients for prosecutors and the Court. First, we will cover how to obtain and use mitigation information early in the case to help negotiate or advocate for your clients with prosecutors. Next, we will cover the use of mitigating factors and mitigating information to present to the court at sentencing should your client be convicted or plead guilty. Both strategies are very similar, and the information used can b...

General Credits

A Trial Attorney's Strategy on How to Convince a Jury

This CLE lecture is prepared to assist the trial attorney in how to convince jurors that they should vote in favor of his/her client. It will provide you with “approaches”; “techniques”; and “lines” that you can utilize to aid you in winning your case; how to cross examine a witness in such a way so as to lead the witness to believe that his response is bad for your case when, in fact, it is helpful. This presentation will show how to appeal to the juror’s sentiments, by the use o...

General Credits

Killer Depositions: Tactics, Tips, & Techniques That Can Make or Break Your Case

Depositions can make or break any fact-dependent case. It isn't enough to simply hope your adversary will say what you want, or hope that your own client will avoid putting his foot in his mouth. Careful planning can make a huge difference. In this lecture, Mr. Golden attempts to present a brief guide into some of the psychological and strategic issues involved in any deposition, as well as focus on some of the crucial portions of the CPLR and Uniform Rules that will help attorneys manage thei...

General Credits

ERISA Claim Appeals

This CLE presentation will address Pre-litigation Appeals of benefit denials in ERISA cases which are generally considered mandatory. Claim appeals are also often the key to success or failure in litigation, yet they are often given insufficient attention both by claimants and plan administrators. This course will examine the origin and purpose behind claim appeals, the “rules of the road” (i.e., the Department of Labor’s regulations), and cases that have shaped how claim appeals are conducted...

General Credits

Estate Administration, Estate Planning and Lien Resolution Basics for Personal Injury Attorneys

This CLE program will provide the personal injury attorney with the basic understanding of the ins and outs about Estate Administration and its requirements for establishing an estate fiduciary to be able to continue with a personal injury and/or wrongful death actions. In addition, there will be insight provided as to what estate planning needs may come about as a result of the settlement of case for personal injuries and/or wrongful death. Finally, attendees will learn about the basics abou...

General Credits
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