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Tennessee CLE - International Law Courses

This is a listing of International Law CLE Courses for Tennessee. Please make your selection below of Tennessee CLE courses. Our courses are available on CDs, DVDs, Online & Mobile App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

International Law Courses

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Non-U.S. Bank Operations in the United States

This CLE course will offer an overview of how foreign banks operate in the United States. The course will offer a comprehensive introduction and explain the process for entry, the activities and powers of these entities, issues related to regulation and enforcement and exiting. The course will also review the changes in how these entities operate as a result of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

General Credits

Litigation of the Arts: Conflict Resolution & Regulation in Fine Arts & Installations

Join a diverse faculty for the 6th Annual Art Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Institute, as they discuss many of the hot-button issues affecting the art world today. Topics to be discussed include: PANEL 1: Regulation of Art Not-for-Profits PANEL 2: The Law of Hans Haacke's Art and the Art of Hans Haacke's Law PANEL 3: Installation Art PANEL 4: Trademarks in Fine Art PANEL 5: Fair Use and Appropriation After Prince PANEL 6: 3D Printing in the Arts -- With Live Demonstra...

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Outbound and Inbound Taxation: An Overview of U.S. Tax Law

The globalization of the economy has created countless opportunities for investors, importers and manufacturers. But the consequences of inbound taxation (foreigners doing business in the US) and outbound taxation (Americans doing business overseas) are growing increasingly complex. This comprehensive and fascinating CLE course will explain all the tax ramifications of these transactions, with particular emphasis on structuring options for all types of transactions including that for ownership...

General Credits

Swiss Banks, Smuggling and Other Asset Recovery Issues

In its 2007 National Money Laundering Strategy report, the U.S. government estimated that as much as $36 billion annually from just the former Soviet Union, was being secretly transferred through U.S. bank accounts and U.S. shell companies. Besides using U.S. bank accounts and shell companies, kleptocrats, Ponzi schemers, divorcing spouses, etc., can of course conceal assets by parking them in Swiss or other foreign bank accounts. This program analyzes how bank secrecy laws, multiple jurisdic...

General Credits

Effective Compliance Tools for Cross-Border Regulations

Regulators across the globe are increasingly targeting conduct that occurred outside of their home jurisdiction, but which affect their domestic economies. Companies must therefore protect themselves against violations of a wide range of laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions. Once an investigation is launched, corporate counsel will need to effectively coordinate the company’s response to multiple regulators across the globe, who are often sharing the fruits of their investigation...

General Credits

Foreign Investments in U.S. Real Estate: A Legal Guide

Foreign investing in U.S. real estate takes forethought and planning. The many potential advantages may obscure potential pitfalls and the tax ramifications of investing should be understood in advance. This CLE course will tell you everything you need to know including a planning guide for foreign investors, the tax consequences of acquiring U.S. real estate, the advantage and disadvantages of certain tax entities, the income tax vs. estate tax dilemma and the planning opportunities a...

General Credits

United States Taxation of Foreign Investors: A Legal Guide

At their least complicated, the rules of taxation are not exactly straightforward and simple. Adding the factor of foreign investing does nothing to simplify matters. But this CLE course will explain it all. The course will define what a foreign investor is and the many statuses of citizenship that can affect your applicable taxes. The course will also explain types of investor taxation, those that apply to corporations and exemptions, the impact of bilateral treaties and the qualificatio...

General Credits

US Tax Benefits of Exporting: An Attorneys' Guide to IC-DISC

With an ever stricter and more complicated tax code, there seem to be fewer and fewer opportunities to make the tax system work for you. But as every good attorney knows, there are still areas where the tax benefits actually outweigh the costs. Export taxes are the perfect example and as opposed to cracking down, recent updates to the law have established the IRS as a staunch supporter of exporters from the US. This CLE course, presented by esteemed tax attorney Richard S. Lehman, pres...

General Credits

Going Global: A Lawyers Guide to Emerging Markets

Globalization is a trend that affects every aspect of our lives today. From politics and religion to finances and law, every industry has somehow been impacted. As this trend grows, companies are beginning to take advantage of the inherent opportunities and expand into foreign markets. Clearly, the ramifications are enormous. This riveting and engagingly delivered CLE seminar looks at the challenges, rewards and pitfalls of opening an office in a foreign country—particularly in an emerging mar...

General Credits

The Supreme International Crime: Benjamin Ferencz Presents A Legal History from Nuremberg to Kampala

Benjamin Ferencz, who, as Chief Prosecutor for the United States, was instrumental in convicting twenty two defendants for their participation in the murder of one million victims of the Holocaust, offers insight into the evolution of international criminal law since the groundbreaking trials at Nuremburg. As this riveting CLE course will explain, the creation of the United Nations coincided with a global struggle to determine whether crimes of aggression should be prosecuted. In this compell...

General Credits
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