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  • Move to Florida, Home in Florida, or Snowbird: What Estate Planning Attorneys Need to Know

    If you have moved, or are considering moving to Florida, have or are buying a second home in Florida, there are important implications of Florida law and planning that should be considered. This CLE presentation will explore a wide range of Florida legal and planning considerations, including: who can be a personal representative of a Floridian’s estate? FL has valuable homestead protection. What is that and how might you take advantage of it? What language might you add to a revocable... More Info

    1.57General Credits
  • Cyber Security and Cyber Breach: What Lawyers and Their Law Firms Need to Know Now

    This CLE program will discuss cyber security, the consequences of a cyber breach, including ethical considerations, and cyber insurance. In the U.S., we are faced with 50 state laws on data privacy and security. If your business holds personal information from a resident of a particular state, what legal and ethical obligations apply to your firm, and to your clients, under that state’s law? The FTC also watches to ensure that companies are complying with their posted privacy policies. Non-com... More Info

    1.1General Credits
  • Skip Tracing for Lawyers

    Attorneys in most areas of practice, especially trust and estates, personal injury, malpractice, debt collection and real estate law occasionally encounter situations requiring the location of missing people. This includes heirs, beneficiaries, witnesses, shareholders and debtors. In many instances, with the proper knowledge, resources and creativity, lawyers may be able to locate these absentees without having to retain the services of private investigators or skip tracers. This conti... More Info

    1.25General Credits
  • Offshore Asset Protection: Exploring the Various Jurisdictions for Protecting your Clients' Assets

    By many standards, the U.S. is the world’s most litigious society. Learn how to put your clients in a better position to survive a lawsuit. Offshore Asset Protection is often the best way to protect assets from frivolous claims and lawsuits. This course will cover how to use a multitude of jurisdictions such as the Cook Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Switzerland, and Belize to protect your client’s assets. The course will discuss offshore asset protection, its purpose and why it is ne... More Info

    1.05General Credits
  • Ethics in Workers Compensation

    Navigating the voluminous nature of workers compensation can be a challenge to ensure each and every claimant receives the representation they need. Engaging in ethical representation is both the correct thing to do as well as the best thing to do. This CLE discussion will address the most common areas surrounding this and your best ways of remaining ethical and passionate in your representation. As Associate Justice Potter Stewart, of the United States Supreme Court, said “Ethics is... More Info

    1.07Ethics Credits
  • Mandatory Abuse Reporting for Oregon Attorneys

    Oregon’s elusive education requirements for child and elder abuse reporting can be met in this one, exciting, thrilling story-based CLE. So, while this will certainly be less entertaining than the latest superhero blockbuster, we will use real life examples of what elder abuse and child abuse can look like to walk through what the problem looks like and what an attorney’s reporting responsibilities are. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Estate Planning: Common Issues; Practical Answers

    Every practitioner in every discipline has heard this complaint about a grantor trust and likely we will all hear more of it. Grantor trusts have become the foundation of most modern estate plans. One of the many “benefits” of grantor trusts is that the settlor creating the trust pays the income tax on income earned inside the trust. That is a great way to accelerate the growth of trust assets, and continue to reduce the creator’s estate. But, as with so many things, too much of a “goo... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Trends in Property Law Post-Pandemic

    This CLE course covers recent development in New York real property law, focusing on the changes brought about by the recent pandemic and societal recovery in its aftermath. Topics include representation of clients in eviction proceedings—both residential and commercial, landlord and tenant. Orders to show cause, motions, evidentiary issues and trial practice are among the litigation techniques discussed. The course also covers foreclosure litigation and the new statutes affecting forecl... More Info

    1.02General Credits
  • Virtual Isolation: Is Hyperconnectivity Helping or Harming the Legal Professional?

    If we stop to think about what we look at most during the day, the answer would probably not be our family or friends, nor our clients or colleagues. The most feasible option would be our mobile phone. Smartphones are now our companions for work, social, leisure and even family life. However, excessive use can lead to problems of dependence, addiction and fear. We find ourselves simultaneously connected and alone. Workers today are ‘never turned off.” Like our mobile phones, we only go on stan... More Info

    1.08Ethics Credits
  • Form CRS: Practical Considerations for Attorneys

    Every attorney who is in the position of referring a client to a financial professional or firm needs to be aware of the firm's CRS, a new 2- to 4-page disclosure document that SEC-regulated firms must deliver to their clients. The CRS was adopted to help investors understand the different standards of care that apply to their financial professionals (investment advisers vs. broker-dealers vs. dual registrants), as well as conflicts of interest embedded in the firm's way of doing busi... More Info

    1.03General Credits

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