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Ethics & Specialty

The Emerging Environmental Crisis

This CLE course addresses an interesting new area of environmental law: emerging contaminants in our drinking water. The course will primarily discuss the federal environmental statute that seeks to protect our drinking water supplies, the Safe Drinking Water Act. While there are many contaminants that are regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, there are new contaminants, called “emerging contaminants” that remain unregulated and are impacting the safety and quality of drinking water sup...

Prof Practice

Federal Criminal Practice 101

The potential for long-term incarceration and stiff penalties make federal criminal trials a high stakes game. A well-thought out strategy and extensive preparation are needed to successfully navigate the federal criminal process, and that can only be achieved by practice and experience. This CLE program, presented by Alex Spiro and Kayla Feld of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP, will help new attorneys learn to navigate the process and parts of a federal criminal trial as well as pro...

Prof Practice

Business Alternative Dispute Resolution

Business Arbitration and Business Mediation have a number of advantages relative to litigating commercial cases in court. There also are some disadvantages. Unless you’re intimately familiar with the Alternative Dispute Resolution processes, how will you know how best to represent your client? The speaker is an experienced business dispute resolution lawyer, commercial arbitrator and mediator, trainer of new and experienced neutrals, ADR law consultant, author, and speaker who will review the...

Prof Practice

How to Handle A Wage and Hour/FLSA Case

A panel of experts provides a comprehensive look at wage and hour cases, from the perspective of the plaintiff and the defendant, as well as from the perspective of Magistrate Judge, EDNY, Ramon E. Reyes. In recent years there has been an influx of litigation in the area of wage and hour claims. Understand how improperly paid employees can recover compensation for missed wages. Learn how employers can make mistakes by improperly classifying or paying employees, which can lead to costly...

Skills Credits

Arts & Crafts in Litigation

Hear from the experts what you need to know about creating, filing and presenting your litigation product. Topics include: Sanctions judges have imposed for poorly formatted, constructed, compiled, or bound submissions Reasons to convert-to-PDF, rather than print-to-PDF, better than scan-to-PDF Hidden properties in word documents that transfer over to the ECF/NYSCEF filed PDF documents, including author and file name (so don't name it in word "document stupid judge made me file" -...

Skills Credits

Advertising Law in Russia

Advertising has become a global endeavor, marketing to consumers far beyond national borders via the web and social media. As a result, companies need to be well-versed in rules governing global advertising. This CLE course will provide a comprehensive review of these rules and regulations. Co-sponsored by the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance, the course will specifically address advertising and marketing to consumers in Russia.

Prof Practice

Should Online Legal Referral Services be Regulated?

In many ways we are becoming more and more dependent on our digital devices for both business and personal endeavors, Yet in other ways the business environment has not really changed - businesses are still trying to reach as broad a potential market as possible and counterbalancing potential regulatory and consumer protection issues are still being raised by their products. In the legal arena, on-line attorney referral services have become an attractive way for attorneys to generate n...

Total Credits
Incl. 3 Ethics, 1 Div

Diversity & Inclusion: The #MeToo Movement’s Impact on the Legal Profession

In the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, all individuals, organizations and professions need to evaluate their understanding of and policies towards issues of gender discrimination and gender diversity. The legal profession is no exception. This timely CLE course will review issues of sexual harassment, pay equity and diversity in law firms. Practical tips and strategies for increasing diversity and avoiding inappropriate sexual conduct in the workplace whether by individuals or by company culture w...


Litigation Ethics Summit: I Walk the Line

Applying ethics rules to real-world litigation can be daunting. Your clients want you to push the limits. Technology speeds everything up. And every time you open the Law Journal it's filled with malpractice cases, fee battles, pay equity claims, disqualification motions and partnership disputes. To understand your obligations and manage all the risks you need to keep up with new rules and opinions. This Litigation Ethics Summit presented by Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, will ident...

Ethics Credits

Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection is designed to minimize a client’s exposure to risk, ideally before that risk has presented itself. This program will teach you everything you need to know about protecting your client’s assets from frivolous plaintiffs and creditors. Eli Akhavan, a leading expert in asset protection will cover specific planning strategies and solutions, including planning with business entities as well as domestic and foreign trusts. This CLE course will explain how to structure asset prote...

Prof Practice
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