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New Mexico CLE - Constitutional Law Courses

This is a listing of Constitutional Law CLE Courses for New Mexico. Please make your selection below of New Mexico CLE courses. Our courses are available on Audio CD, DVD, Online, & Smartphone. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

Constitutional Law Courses

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The Marijuana Driving Case: What Defense & Prosecution Need to Know-Part 1, MJ Facts, The Stop, The Search, and Arrest

Much has been discussed about the prosecution and defense in DWI cases. With the advent of the legalization of marijuana more people are driving under the influence of marijuana which is the number one drug used with alcohol while driving at about 27% of time. This is not your mother’s marijuana nor is it a garden variety DWI case. Marijuana and driving cases raise new issues related to all aspects of driving under the influence cases. Part 1 of this CLE presentation traverses you thr...

General Credits

Government Surveillance and Privacy: Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

This very important CLE program will inform lawyers and national security practitioners about the respective concerns associated with the collection of foreign intelligence. Using a panel discussion format, this CLE program expands the dialogue on privacy, security and personal freedoms, addressing a rapidly changing threat environment where our adversaries are exploiting social media, risk detection is shifting from static to data content and how the rule of law and personal privacy ca...

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Incl. 1 Ethics

ADHD, School Discipline & Criminal Prosecution

ADHD has become the go-to diagnosis for misbehaving children, inattentive teenagers and maladjusted adults. But where it’s most prevalent is in the prison system, affecting nearly 50% of the population and typically presenting along with co-occurring conditions such as learning disabilities and other risk factors for antisocial and criminal behavior. This CLE course will assess the impact of ADHD and other mental health conditions on these types of behaviors, substance abuse, and other...

General Credits

Campaign Finance: A Legal Guide to Independent Expenditures

The issue of campaign finance has been a debate for over a century. One aspect of this debate is coordinated expenditures, how they are defined and their impact on a campaign. This CLE course will explain both sides of this issue, review the various committees involved in the campaign finance process, explain the difference between coordinated and independent expenditures and the legal and political ramifications of such contributions.

General Credits

Fundamentals of DUI/DWI Law: A Practical Guide

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs is a systemic problem that transcends socioeconomic borders and it capable of impacting anyone at any time. Police and prosecutors are ever vigilant in curtailing this dangerous practice and have numerous resources at their disposal to ensure a successful prosecution. With the advent of diversionary programs and the recent focus of rehabilitation over punishment, however, there are increasingly more and more avenues for defense attorneys to explo...

General Credits

The DOMA Decision Deciphered: What it Means to Your Client

The United States Supreme Court’s decision to strike down an important provision of the Defense of Marriage Act has immediate implications for same-sex couples throughout the nation. Gay and lesbian couples who are married in their home state or in other states that recognize same-sex marriage, may begin to enjoy hundreds of federal benefits previously denied to them. This program will explore the disparity between the rights and responsibilities of same-sex couples who live and marry in a r...

General Credits

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