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New Mexico CLE - E Discovery Courses

This is a listing of E Discovery CLE Courses for New Mexico. Please make your selection below of New Mexico CLE courses. Our courses are available on CDs, DVDs, Online & Mobile App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

E Discovery Courses

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Arts & Crafts in Litigation

Hear from the experts what you need to know about creating, filing and presenting your litigation product. Topics include: Sanctions judges have imposed for poorly formatted, constructed, compiled, or bound submissions Reasons to convert-to-PDF, rather than print-to-PDF, better than scan-to-PDF Hidden properties in word documents that transfer over to the ECF/NYSCEF filed PDF documents, including author and file name (so don't name it in word "document stupid judge made me file" -...

General Credits

Offensive & Defensive Strategies in E-Discovery

Discovery in complex litigation is becoming more and more challenging as electronic data is sometimes the only source of relevant information in a case. Many State and Federal Courts Scheduling Orders require parties to provide detailed information about clients' computer and data systems at the onset of litigation including identification of computer systems, formats of production, claw back provisions and preservation strategies. Many attorneys are uncomfortable with this new Electronic vers...

General Credits

Ethically Speaking: Why Lawyers Can No Longer Ignore Technology

With all the focus on leaks, hacks, data breaches, etc. it is becoming more and more clear that attorneys can no longer avoid their duty to stay conversant with technology in order to represent their clients adequately and assure confidentiality of client data and privileged communications. Indeed, legal departments for business organizations state that cybersecurity, regulation and ethics compliance are among their chief concerns, and they are well aware of the vulnerability of their own busi...

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Incl. 1.5 Ethics

3 Ways to Create More Favorable Case Outcomes with E-Discovery Principles

Both a shield and a sword, e-discovery is a unique skillset that not enough attorneys adequately possess. With the right planning, knowledge and technology, e-discovery can empower attorneys with the essential information to properly litigate or defend their case. In this CLE program, learn how e-discovery can help you gain more favorable case outcomes and preserve/enhance your company’s and your own reputation in the legal market. Learn how to: Effectively negotiate discover...

General Credits

International Discovery: Handling the Complexities of Cross-Border Disputes

As the world continues to grow and businesses globalize, creating and storing their electronically stored information (ESI) across continents, procedural issues regarding access to the information stored, maintained or that emanates from outside the United States will immeasurably impact companies and individuals. Join our panel comprised of some of the leading practitioners in the field as they discuss the cutting-edge legal issues. Get ahead of these issues that certainly will contin...

General Credits

Making a Molehill Out of a Mountain: What Attorneys Need to Know About Document Review

It likely won’t come as a surprise to most in-house legal professionals that document review eats up the bulk of e-discovery budgets. However, very few organizations have made much progress in reducing such costs. Attempts often fail because they don’t go to the root of the problem: too much data is preserved, collected and sent to outside entities. Tackling this problem with information governance principles and innovative technology solutions before e-discovery even begins offers the best me...

General Credits
New Mexico attorneys may earn up to 4 hours of CLE credit including 2 hours of ethics using self-study programs from National Academy of Continuing Legal Education. To view our full accreditation details, please click here.

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