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Mississippi CLE - Alternative Dispute Resolution Courses

This is a listing of Alternative Dispute Resolution CLE Courses for Mississippi. Please make your selection below of Mississippi CLE courses. Our courses are available Online and with iOS/Android App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Courses

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Applying Mediation Principles to Family Law Issues

Mediation is a form of ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) that may be used in civil disputes, family law matters, eldercare, and many other fields. In this course you will be given an overview of mediation skills and techniques from a trained attorney/mediator. The lecture will apply mediation principles to practice areas in family law. Whether you are an attorney contemplating starting a mediation practice or are simply looking to gain practical insight into this growing field this lecture is...

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Issues Arising in Arbitration

Generally, arbitration is used as a means to avoid the financial burdens and exhaustive process imposed by a court battle. Yet even arbitration has its complications, and both attorneys litigating arbitration and the arbitrators themselves must be well-versed in the issues before initiating arbitration proceedings. This CLE course, presented by Leslie Trager, a seasoned arbitrator of 20 years, will offer an in-depth review of arbitration issues including remedies for non-payment by a p...

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Laws Of Arbitration As It Applies to Rabbinical Courts

A client request for representation in rabbinical court, known as Beit Din, may not be a daily occurrence, but when it does happen, attorneys had best be prepared. Though not by any means antiquated, the rabbinical court system has rules and regulations that most attorneys are unfamiliar with. This CLE course will explain the proper procedures for navigating the rabbinical court system, and will explain the relevant arbitration agreements and processes as well as the relationship between the s...

General Credits

Major League Baseball and Alex Rodriguez: An Opportunity to Examine Ethical Issues Arising from Labor Arbitration

It played out like a soap opera on the pages of news and television screens across the nation. It may have been the most discussed and covered labor penalty appeal arbitration in history but the investigation, discipline and controversy generated by Major League Baseball's suspension of superstar Alex Rodriguez for 162 games, all of the 2014 season, the longest suspension short of a lifetime ban issued in baseball history opens the door for a deeper examination of potentially conflicting legal a...

Ethics Credits

Mediating and Settling Nursing Home Cases

For some, mediation is a convenient, cost-effective way to avoid a trial. For others, it’s a compromise that leaves them if not the winner, at least not the loser. Regardless of why a party might seek mediation and settlement, it’s imperative to understand the cost/benefit of mediation, to evaluate the likelihood of success, and to understand the parameters of mediation. This informative CLE course will review the process of mediation from start to finish including how to broach the to...

General Credits

Use of Subpoenas in Arbitration and their Enforcement

In today’s world of national and international commerce, it is common for a party to want information and testimony from a person or entity not a party or employed by a party. But the law regarding the issuance of subpoenas for arbitration depends on a statute passed early in the 20th century when commerce was far more limited. This CLE course is designed to show the process for using subpoenas in arbitration, and the limits and difficulties which may be encountered in their use.

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