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Washington CLE - Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights Courses

This is a listing of Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights CLE Courses for Washington. Please make your selection below of Washington CLE courses. Our courses are available on CDs, DVDs, Online & Mobile App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights Courses

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Bankruptcy Basics: Understanding Your Client’s Options

This CLE course is presented by Tully Rinckey PLLC Senior Counsel Robert J. Rock, Esq. Mr. Rock will draw upon his over thirty years of experience as a bankruptcy attorney. Mr. Rock will provide guidance to attorneys on alternatives to bankruptcy, evaluating client qualifications for bankruptcy, types of bankruptcy cases, and major laws and rules practitioners should know. Mr. Rock will also provide insight into tactics to avoid potential pitfalls with clients and their bankruptcy petitions.

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Accounts Receivable Management for Lawyers

Accounts receivable management is NOT an arbitrary process. Business owners seem to understand this. Yet, many lawyers fail to adhere to best practices when establishing A/R policies and procedures for their law practices. This CLE program will discuss some of those policies and procedures that can be utilized in law firms to reduce the occasion of aged receivables and also what collection procedures should be used when clients do not pay. This course is presented by Robert A. Weinberg...

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Collateralized Debt Obligations and Credit Default Swaps: A Guide for Lawyers

Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Credit Default Swaps (CDS) have played and continue to play prominent roles in the global capital markets. What's the difference between a CDO and a CLO? What are TruPs CDOs? And why are they so controversial? Cut through the headlines and get a real understanding of CDOs and CDSs, how they are structured and the litigation landscape regarding these investments today. This informative CLE course, presented by New York attorney and CDO and...

Law & Legal Proc.

Introduction to Structured Finance

RMBS, CMBS, CDOs, SIVs can seem like alphabet soup yet they play an integral part of the global economy and capital markets. Some will even allege that these sophisticated financial products were responsible for the credit crisis that nearly destroyed the global economy. What are these structured products, how do they work and who created them? This informative CLE course, presented by New York attorney and subject matter expert Jack Chen, explains the essential characteristics of structu...

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National Academy of Continuing Legal Education has been approved for accredited sponsor status by the Washington State Board of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education. All courses offered by the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education have been directly approved by the WSBA. To view our full accreditation details, please click here.

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