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  • Hot Topics in Employment Law Since #MeToo

    The #MeToo movement has been a transformational groundswell that rolled out from breaking news several years ago. The bombshell exposé published by The New York Times brought to light decades of sexual harassment, discrimination and abuse by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, launched the movement and has led to dramatic social and legal change. Following the Weinstein exposé, #MeToo roared across social media platforms, onto the streets and into the courtrooms, as countless individuals share... More Info

    2.5General Credits
  • Transnational Legal and Cultural Issues Arising when Doing Business Internationally

    This CLE course covers issues of concern when documenting transactions which must satisfy more than one legal system (transnational transactions). This will be clarified with examples of American businesses doing business in China. The course emphasizes the need to understand and interpret laws and regulations in the context of the culture of the place where business is being conducted. Since a lawyer must document the business concerns of the parties, understanding those concerns a... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Estate Planning for Attorneys Who Help Business Owners

    The purpose of this course is to prepare estate planning attorneys to serve clients who own small businesses as part of comprehensive estate planning. Estate planning for business owners goes far beyond a will. Business owners must address operations, customers, employees, vendors, licenses, leases, and other matters as part of their plan. This CLE course will help the attorney manage client expectations and manage the expectations of the other players involved in the estate planning p... More Info

    2General Credits
  • A Primer on Trademarks: What Every Practitioner Needs to Know

    In today’s digital world, trademark protection is increasingly critical and complex. This fascinating CLE course will delve into the issue of trademark and over all of the basics issues needed to understand and protect trademarks. The course will explain what trademarks are, review the different types, and explain which terms or images are registrable, the benefits to registered trademarks and how to best prevent infringement. The registration process and available resources will also... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Counseling Real Estate Brokers on Common Legal Mistakes

    This CLE presentation summarizes many typical broker problem areas (and lawsuits), and offers suggestions to practicing attorneys on how to prepare their broker clients to do business in the best, and most professional manner, while arming those brokers to protect themselves as legal issues arise. The presentation covers misrepresentation, dual agency, conflicts of interest, multiple offer scenarios, handling escrowed funds, and of course, protecting the broker's right to compensation... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Sports Law: New World, New Challenges

    This CLE presentation will discuss the major legal issues, changes and trends in an area of rapid change. Aimed for a general audience, it will discuss a broad array of issues, from the court rulings point to a growing professionalization of college athletes through name, image and likeness agreements and the increasing role that school boosters are playing. In addition, the presentation will cover updates regarding Covid and sports, new labor agreements, and updates on antitrust law.... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Intermittent FMLA: Understanding an Employer's Obligations

    The FMLA is complicated enough but perhaps the most difficult part of the FMLA is understanding intermittent and reduced schedule leave. This informative CLE will provide you with tips to understand the ins and outs of taking intermittent and reduced-schedule FMLA leave and how to ensure compliance with the law. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the FMLA and what it requires to avoid legal liability for violation of the FMLA. What you will learn: Learn that FMLA can be ta... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Managing FMLA Leaves of Absence

    Understanding leave of absences is difficult but understanding the FMLA can be overwhelming. It is legalistic and complicated. This CLE course on leave of absences and FMLA Compliance will provide you with a step-by-step guide to understanding the requirements set forth in the FMLA relating to leave of absences. It will also provide a step-by-step plan of action for when employees are out on a leave of absence to ensure legal compliance. Just a sampling of the many practical... More Info

    1General Credit
  • The Intersection of Cannabis Law, Real Estate, and Local Government Policy

    When most attorneys think of cannabis law, they think regulatory, transactional, maybe even some litigation and M&A, but what most don't realize is that one of the most challenging parts of the cannabis industry is real estate. All cannabis business licenses are tied to a piece of real estate, and the state and local regulations that dictate what properties are permissible for cannabis businesses vary greatly. Between local land use, real estate transactions, complex sale leaseback a... More Info

    1General Credit
  • How to File Successful Non-Immigrant O and E Visa Petitions and EB-1, EB2-NIW and PERM-based Green Card Petitions

    This CLE presentation will cover the following visa petitions: E (Investors and Traders from countries with treaties with the US), O-1A (Athletics, Business, Education and the Sciences) and O-1B (Artists, and those in Motion Pictures & TV). This presentation will also cover the following “green card” petitions: EB-1A (Extraordinary Ability in the Arts, Athletics, Business, Education and Sciences) ; EB-2 NIW (Advanced Degree Professional or Exceptional Ability in the Arts, Sciences or B... More Info

    1General Credit

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