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New Hampshire CLE - Energy Law Courses

This is a listing of Energy Law CLE Courses for New Hampshire. Please make your selection below of New Hampshire CLE courses. Our courses are available on CDs, DVDs, Online & Mobile App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

Energy Law Courses

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Oil, Gas, and Mineral Leasehold Issues

Landowners hold a distinct advantage over oil companies and over the years, their leases have begun to reflect that. Oil companies have no choice but to acquiesce to increasingly land-owner friendly leases and while many still resist, form leases are becoming a rarity. This CLE course, presented by oil and gas attorney Josh Stein, will explain the most common sources of ambiguity and error which may arise in drafting oil and gas leases, even top leases, and how attorneys can protect cl...

General Credits

Preparing and Reviewing Oil and Gas Title Opinions

The variety in style and particular client needs have resulted in a lack of standardization amongst title opinions. That, combined with the vast amounts of land in Texas with bad title, has made a well-written, professional title opinion a negotiable instrument in a dispute. This CLE course will explain how these opinions are routinely sold between owners and oil and companies and are then used as the basis for future title opinions, sometimes decades later. Presented by Oil and Gas at...

General Credits

Understanding Easements and Right of Way

Easements are a critical issue in gas and title examinations. Identifying the locations of easements to avoid obstruction or accidental drilling into a pipeline is crucial as is avoiding issues with surface owners. From the perspective of a title examiner, there are instruments that purport to create easements but aren’t, creating a dangerous situation of wherein an oil company drills within a platted subdivision or near a river. This CLE course will offer a broad overview of easements and the...

General Credits

Understanding Interests in Oil and Gas Lands and Production

Precedent is a central principle in the area of law. As such, working in mature areas of law with long established legislation can be beneficial to attorneys. This CLE course will explore the fascinating legal area of oil and gas, which, while relatively young, is a fairly well developed area and yet is uniquely positioned due to the theory of “ownership in place.” The theory stipulates that certain reserves can continue in perpetuity, regardless of how long ago they were established, and that...

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