Arts & Crafts in Litigation

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About This Course

Hear from the experts what you need to know about creating, filing and presenting your litigation product.

Topics include:

  • Sanctions judges have imposed for poorly formatted, constructed, compiled, or bound submissions
  • Reasons to convert-to-PDF, rather than print-to-PDF, better than scan-to-PDF
  • Hidden properties in word documents that transfer over to the ECF/NYSCEF filed PDF documents, including author and file name (so don't name it in word "document stupid judge made me file" -- or do consider checking adversary's)
  • PDF bookmarking, and new possibilities of filing combined document with exhibits bookmarked
  • Levels of DPI (dots per inch) resolution to have high quality product & meet minimum standards for efiling, including compensating for degradation caused by OCR (text readable) conversion
  • Techniques for re-posting prior efiled documents without obscuring filing header with multiple superimposed headers
  • PDF text highlighting that refuses to print the highlighting & how to overcome
  • Problematic decapitating of top NYSCEF headers when printing "actual size" versus "fit"
  • Work-around for documents resistant to PDF/A conversion
  • Editing text in PDFs (helpful for last-minute corrections)

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