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This is a listing of Litigation CLE Courses for Georgia. Please make your selection below of Georgia CLE courses. Our courses are available on CDs, DVDs, Online & Mobile App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

Litigation Courses

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Ethics & Specialty

A Hands on Guide to Filing your first Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

This course will give you a non-hypothetical, entirely practical understanding of how to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Bradley Bailyn will explain the legal prerequisites for getting authorized to file bankruptcy on behalf of clients, what makes a client eligible for a Chapter 7 (i.e. means test), what forms you'll need to file, where the financial information to fill out the forms is derived from, understanding what the forms are asking for, successfully electronically filing the bankruptcy...

General Credits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Legal Profession

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) applications seem to be in use everywhere, transforming vital aspects of the economy, our society, and even the courts and the way we practice law. Algorithms and other AI applications influence what we see, hear, and often think. Yet adopting AI also raises ethical and legal risks for those sectors of the community using it. Our panel of experts will discuss how Ai is impacting our lives now and in the future, as well as examine how the technology will in...

Total Credits
Incl. 1 Ethics

Business Divorces: What to Know and Do When a Partnership Ends

In a business divorce, one or more owners of a privately held business determine to legally separate their interests through a buy-out or dissolution of the existing business. In this CLE lecture, attorney Michael Firestone will discuss the processes, strategic considerations and key legal concepts involved in representing a client going through a business divorce, as well as litigation tactics which business owners can use to advance their positions.

General Credits

Trial Preparation and Procedure

This CLE will help prepare any trial attorney for an upcoming trial. Information will be provided on the immediate steps to take on receiving a file ready for trial from connecting with the client, to checking to see whats missing, what needs to be done, what records have been or should have been subpoenaed to court. Once the case is prepared for trial, the course will delve into a little of how to attack jury selection, opening, witness’s closing. Finally the course will give you some guideline...

General Credits

So You Want to Go Solo? How to Decide, Prepare, and Survive Your First Year

This CLE course walks you through what you need to consider before making the decision to go solo then takes you through the preparation before making the jump, and sketches out what you need to survive the first year. This course first focuses on necessary considerations before you decide to take the jump, whether or not you have the ability, knowledge and personality traits to go it alone. The presenter will then discuss what it means to get your ducks in a row once you have decide...

General Credits

Preparing Clients for Deposition, Trial and Mediation: A Necessary Investment

All litigators know the value and essential nature of preparation of clients for major litigation events. But preparation work is frequently superficial, inefficient and not sufficiently directed to the client’s fears, anxieties and intellectual capacity. In this CLE course you will learn advanced and cutting-edge techniques to thoroughly prepare your client for deposition, trial and mediation. The course will cover how to address client anxiety, how to demystify the events themselves s...

General Credits

How to Prepare for a Wage-Hour Audit or Lawsuit

Today employers are facing increased challenges to their wage-hour employment practices. Federal and state departments of labor are active and conducting unannounced audits throughout the nation. Class actions seeking and winning millions of dollars are on the rise. For in-house counsel and HR Directors the antidote to assure your employment practices withstand scrutiny is to prepare for an audit or lawsuit by implementing the tips provided in this lecture. Before you receive a knock on yo...

General Credits

Legal Ethics 101: Avoiding Common Mistakes and Conducting your Practice with Honesty and Integrity

This CLE program examines some of the common mistakes made by new attorneys and explores some of the best ways to deal with them once they've occurred. Using the framework of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, we will discuss common issues you may encounter with supervising attorneys, opposing counsel and clients. The material also covers best practices in setting and handling fees, as well as the requirements for properly managing trust accounts. We will review recent case law related...

Ethics Credits

Introduction to Property and Business Interruption Insurance Law

With catastrophes impacting businesses on a regular basis across the country, whether man-made or natural disasters – hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes, and so on - it is critical for the corporate attorney or litigator to be familiar with insurance law. This CLE program introduces the practitioner to fundamental concepts of property insurance law, and the more complex nuances of business interruption insurance. Critically important in any insurance claim is an understanding of the typical ins...

General Credits

Hot Topics in Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law in the Federal Courts

Learn from a panel of experts about hot issues in Intellectual Property Federal Court litigation, with an emphasis on patent, trademark and copyright cases on the Supreme Court's October 2018 docket. Some of the cases and issues that will be discussed include: Patent Cases: Helsinn Healthcare S.A. v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. – at issue, whether an inventor’s sale of an invention to a third party that is obligated to keep the invention confidential qualifies as prior art under...

General Credits
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