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Why should I complete my CLE requirements through the National Academy as opposed to another company?

Consider the following when making your choice:

  • Accreditation – As our name indicates, we are national providers of continuing legal education. Purchase with confidence knowing we are directly approved with the highest possible level of state accreditation. For detailed information regarding our respective accreditations please contact our lecture coordinator toll free at 1-866-466-2253 ext 110
  • Service – Each attorney is provided with a dedicated CLE specialist who assists you from beginning to end. If you have any questions or should you need assistance your specialist is only a phone call away!
  • Content – Since 2000 the National Academy has been dedicated to providing the legal community with the most relevant information and techniques which are critical to the development of a attorney.
  • Formats – In its early days National Academy pioneered the first integrated self-study CLE CD-ROM, dynamically enabling attorneys to listen to a given course, view course material as well as print certificate from the same page. These days we continue that tradition with our state-of-the-art Online CLE Portal where attorneys can watch their courses online and immediately receive their certificates. Attorneys can also save their courses directly to their mobile device with our iOS and Android apps. Additionally, we offer our courses on DVDs and CDs at no extra charge. By providing quality courses on our innovative platform we thereby enable attorneys to satisfy their requirements efficiently.

Once my purchase is complete, how much time will I have to complete the courses?

"Instant Bundles" and Individual Course purchases must be used within one year from the date of purchase. "Custom Bundle" credits expire one year after the date of purchase and you may substitute a course for another one during that year so long as the credit amount is the same. If you purchased an Unlimited CLE subscription you have until the expiration of the subscription term to take your courses and submit your affidavits. Additionally, we have certain promotions from time to time for discounted purchases that expire after a length of time. The expiration date will be indicated at the time of purchase and on your invoice.

Are your courses competitively priced?

Yes! Firstly, self-study is much less expensive than live seminars. And think about all the (billable) time you'll save taking the courses at your own convenience! Courses offered by your local bar tend to be quite expensive as well. Our courses are riveting, informative, and competitively priced. But don't worry, we will match any competitor’s advertised price for comparable products.

If I get a few attorneys to purchase with me can you reduce my rate?

Yes. Please call one of our CLE Specialists to obtain a reduced group rate.

My friend has your materials can I use them?

Yes. As you must still pay for the credits please contact us to complete the transaction.

If I am an existing client who cannot find my log in information should I create new registration?

No. Simply contact your sales representative at (866) 466-2253 or send an email to and we will get back to you with your log in information. You can also click here then click on the "forgot password" link.

Does NACLE report your CLE attendance?

There are different rules for different states, most states we service require attorneys report their own CLE compliance directly. NACLE strictly follows each states CLE guidelines and will therefore only report compliance when appropriate (Please call us should you be uncertain of your states requirement).

How does your online Firm CLE tracking solution work?

The National Academy of Continuing Legal Education has developed the most advanced tool for complete management of all the CLE needs of your law firm. CLE Dashboard allows you to track the progress of every attorney in your firm ensuring CLE compliance across your firm – without the paperwork!

Our CLE Management System Features:

  • Online, Interactive CD-ROMs, DVDs and Audio CDs for each member of the firm
  • Online CLE accounts for attorneys to track their credits
  • Online CLE management account for the CLE manager at your firm to easily view everyone's progress and to order more materials
  • Generate your own CLE reports online
  • Automatic email reminders of upcoming due dates
  • How your law firm will benefit:
  • Attorneys save valuable time and billable hours
  • Your firm saves money with a low cost bank of CLE credits
  • CLE compliance throughout your firm is ensured

What format of courses do you offer?

Our courses are available for Online streaming from your web browser on any device. Our courses can also be saved directly to your mobile device for offline access with our iOS and Android apps. Additionally, our courses are available on DVDs and CDs.

How much are the shipping costs and what method of shipping do you use?

We ship all our CLE materials via FedEx and USPS so that we can track the package and ensure prompt delivery. You can choose FedEx overnight delivery ($20), FedEx 2-3 Day ($15) or USPS Ground ($12) these prices are subject to change at any time. Shipping to residential addresses is an additional $3.

Can I use my own FedEx number?

If you provide us with your FedEx number to use to ship your package, you will not incur any additional shipping costs.

How do I obtain the course notes?

The course notes for each course are available within your personalized CLE Account that is created at the time you place your order. The course notes are in PDF format so you can easily open, download, and print them at your convenience.

How do I submit my affidavits and get my certificates?

You can submit your affidavits for your courses from within your personalized CLE Account that is created at the time you place your order. Once you submit your affidavit your Certificate of Attendance is immediately issued to you electronically!

What is the turnaround time for me to obtain certified affidavit forms?

Instantly! You submit your affidavits for your courses from within your personalized CLE Account that is created at the time you place your order. Once you submit your affidavit your Certificate of Attendance is immediately issued to you electronically!

Can you fax the affidavits to me?

We highly recommend online submission as it’s the most efficient method. However, we can fax, email or mail you affidavits back to you. Please indicate your preferred method of delivery.


Who can use your courses and what are the requirements for NY attorneys?

Attorneys who have been admitted to the New York Bar for more than two years are considered experienced attorneys and can take all of their courses with NACLE. Experienced attorneys must complete a total of 24 accredited CLE credit hours during each biennial reporting cycle (the two-year period between your attorney registrations). At least 4 of these credit hours must be in the Ethics and Professionalism category. The remaining credit hours may be in any category of credit.

How do I obtain credit for your courses?

Just listen to the courses in your preferred format, making sure to listen for the verification codes spoken at some point during course. Submit an Attorney Affirmation & Participant Critique and New York Certificate of Attendance for EACH course you are submitting for credit, complete the information requested, including the verification codes. You receive your certified affidavit instantly by logging into your account. Please note that there may be more than one verification code per course depending on the length of a given lecture.

Do you send books along with your courses?

As per the NYS CLE Board, course materials must accompany each course. You can obtain course documentation online within your account. You can either print up the materials or view them on your computer.

Are the codes in the books you send?

No, the codes are embedded within the audio component of the course ONLY.

Is a “grace period” automatically available to attorneys who fail to comply?

Yes.  An attorney is given one month to achieve or establish compliance or an exemption.  All applicable late fees must be paid.

Are attorneys required to maintain records proving compliance?

Each attorney subject to the CLE requirements must maintain certificates of attendance received for CLE activities for a period of four years.

Are you accredited in New York?

Yes, we have been approved with Accredited Provider status by the NYS CLE Board. For more information, please contact the NY CLE Board at (212) 428–2105 or click here to view our NY CLE accreditation information

I’m a new attorney - can I use your courses?

Newly admitted attorneys in NY have special requirements in their first two years of admission. Newly admitted attorneys must take 16 credits each year consisting of 7 Professional Practice or Law Practice Management credits, 6 Skills credits, and 3 Ethics credits. As of January 2016, all 7 PP/LPM credits can be completed with our self-study courses. We also have live events where you can fulfill your Skills and Ethics credits. Check our Calendar for upcoming live events.

I’m a Florida and NY attorney can I satisfy the requirements for both states using your solution?

Yes. Please call one of our CLE Specialists to purchase a bundle that will satisfy the requirements of both states.


How many general and ethics hours are required for California? What are the state requirements?

Total hours required every three years: 25 hours.

  • Maximum "self-study" hours: 12.5 hours.
  • Members must fulfill at least one-half of their MCLE requirement with activities approved for "participatory" MCLE credit.
  • Special Requirements within the total hours required (may be taken as participatory or self-study):
    • Legal Ethics: 4 hours (required)
    • Detection/Prevention of Substance Abuse: 1 hour (required)
    • Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession: 1 hour (required)

All 25 CA credits can be satisfied with our courses!

Can newly admitted attorneys complete their credit requirements through NACLE?

Yes, a newly admitted attorney can fulfill all of their requirements through NACLE.

How can I verify if you are accredited?

Please visit the California Bar’s website,, click on the MCLE link on the left side of the page and click on Provider Information and Search at the bottom of the page. Click on Provider Search and enter our name, the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education.  You can also call the MCLE department at the California Bar at (415) 538 – 2155. Our sponsor number is 11481.

Does NACLE report your California CLE attendance to the California Bar?

No. After completing your requirements attorneys must report CLE compliance to the State Bar of California.

What counts as participatory credit?

An education activity is participatory if a provider verifies the "participation." Provider verification consists of the following:

  • The provider has the attorney sign in at the time of the activity (electronic sign-in is acceptable),
  • The provider keeps a list of those who sign in, and
  • The provider issues a certificate of attendance to attendees

NACLE fulfills all three of these requirements through our proprietary "Online" course player.

Can I obtain participatory credit using your Online Courses?

Yes, our Online courses have been approved by the California Bar as participatory based on the electronic sign-in at the start of each course. You can fulfill all 25 of your credits with our Online Courses.

Can I use the Audio CDs for participatory credit?

Yes. In order to receive participatory credit, the State Bar of California MCLE regulations require that you listen to the audio CDs and review the written materials in the presence of a witness. The witness does not need to be an attorney, but can be an attorney. Listening to Audio CDs (without witness affirmation) may be used for the self study half (12.5) of your MCLE requirement.


Are you accredited in Illinois?

Yes, all courses offered by the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education are approved for CLE credit in Illinois as the National Academy is an Accredited Provider in Illinois, please visit Click on the "Find A Provider" link once there to view our accredation. Illinois attorneys can satisfy all CLE requirements through Online, DVD and Audio CD formats.

How many hours of CLE activities are required?

CLE activity hour requirements for Illinois attorneys increase incrementally. Every Illinois attorney subject to the Rules is required to complete certain hours each reporting period as outlined in the following chart:

First Letter of Last Name on Date Admitted to IL Bar

30 Hour Reporting Periods

A through M

Two-Year Period Beginning July 1 to June 30 of Subsequent Even Numbered Years

N through Z

Two-Year Period Beginning July 1 to June 30 of Subsequent Odd Numbered Years

Is there an ethics requirement?

Yes, a minimum of 6 of the total hours required for any two-year reporting period must be in the area of professional responsibility, which includes professionalism, issues involving diversity, mental illness and addiction issues, civility or legal ethics. After the MCLE Board approves a provider’s application to accredit a course, the Commission needs to review information submitted to the Commission from the provider for each course and activity offered to fulfill the professional responsibility requirement under Rule 794(d)(1) and conduct a substantive review. All of NACLE’s ethics courses have been approved by the Commission.

Do special requirements apply to newly admitted Illinois attorneys?

Yes, every new Illinois attorney admitted to practice after December 31, 2005 must complete a Basic Skills Course, totaling at least 15 hours of instruction. The Basic Skills Course requirement must be fulfilled by the end of the month that marks the attorney’s one-year anniversary of admission to the Illinois bar. 

May CLE activity hours be carried over from one reporting period to another?

Up to 10 hours, including ethics hours may be carried over to the next reporting period.

CLE Activity Hours

Maximum Carryover
CLE Activity Hours

Hours earned on or after 1/1/2006, but before the first reporting period begins.

10 hours maximum carried over to first reporting period, except for professional responsibility hours.

Hours earned in excess of requirements of the reporting period

10 hours maximum carried over to next reporting period, except for professional responsibility hours.

Hours earned by newly admitted attorneys after satisfying the Basic Skills Course Requirement

10 hours maximum carried over to first reporting period, except for professional responsibility hours.

Professional responsibility hours in excess of requirements of the reporting period.

May not be carried over to next reporting period to satisfy professional responsibility requirement but may as general CLE hours.

May excess professional responsibility hours be carried over to satisfy the general CLE requirements?

Yes, if more than six hours of professional responsibility credits are earned in any reporting period, these excess hours may be carried over to the next reporting period subject to the overall 10 hours maximum limitation. However, professional responsibility hours may not be carried over to satisfy the professional responsibility requirement of a subsequent reporting period.

How is compliance with CLE requirements reported?

Attorneys must report their compliance with CLE requirements on a certification form that will be mailed to the attorney by the MCLE Director (“MCLE certification”). The attorney must complete the MCLE certification and submit it to the Board within 31 days after the end of the attorney’s reporting period (that is, no later than July 31).   The MCLE certification requires that the attorney state whether, with respect to the reporting period, the attorney: (1) has complied with the CLE requirements; (2) has not complied with them; or (3) is exempt.

May attorneys request that the Director send the MCLE certification by electronic mail and that they be permitted to file the MCLE certification electronically?

The Rules require that the MCLE Board mail a certification form to each attorney at the mailing address on file with the ARDC. Attorneys can then choose to report: (1) using the Board's online compliance reporting system; or (2) by returning the completed paper copy form by mail or delivery with the return envelope provided or the addresses listed on the Form. Attorneys who choose to report online must do so by 11:59 p.m. on July 31 following the last day of their two year reporting period.

What happens if an attorney fails to submit an MCLE certification?

Attorneys who fail to submit an MCLE certification within 45 days of their reporting date, or who file an MCLE certification stating that they have not complied with the CLE requirements during the reporting period, are notified by the Director of their noncompliance. Attorneys then have an additional 61 days from the original certification due date to achieve compliance and file a certification stating that they have complied with the CLE requirements or are exempt. The attorney must also pay a $150.00 late fee and submit it with the attorney's MCLE certification. The $150.00 late fee is required by MCLE Rule 796(d)(1) and the amount is set in the Fee Schedule issued by the Court. The Director does not send a notice of noncompliance to attorneys whom the Director knows are exempt. (Rule 796(b).)

Are attorney CLE records subject to audit?

Yes.  The MCLE Board may conduct audits under a plan approved by the Supreme Court of Illinois.

Are out-of-state attorneys who are active members of the Illinois bar exempt from CLE requirements?

An attorney who is an active member of the Illinois bar may be exempt from CLE requirements.  An exemption applies if:

  • The attorney is also a member of the bar of another state;
  • That state has a minimum continuing education requirement;
  • The attorney is regularly engaged in the practice of law in that state; and
  • The attorney has appropriate proof that he or she is in full compliance with the continuing legal education requirements established by court rule or legislation in that state.

Which states do not have the necessary minimum continuing education requirement?

The MCLE Board recognizes an exemption pursuant to Rule 791(a)(6) only where another state has a comparable minimum continuing legal education requirement. As of January 1, 2010, the MCLE Board has determined that the following states and district do not have comparable MCLE requirements:

  • Alaska
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • South Dakota

All other states are considered as having the necessary minimum continuing education requirement.

What proof must be submitted to the MCLE Board to show compliance with the CLE requirements of another state?

Under the MCLE compliance process, attorneys claiming an exemption may be required to submit proof that they have met the CLE requirements of another state.


What is the CLE requirement in Florida?

Over a three year period, each member must complete 30 hours, five of which are in the area of ethics, professionalism, substance abuse, or mental illness awareness. Each member is assigned a three year reporting cycle. To read more about the requirements in FL go to our CLE Rules Page.

Are NACLE’s courses approved by the Florida Bar?

All of our preapproved courses are individually approved by the Florida Bar for CLE credit. Please call NACLE to request copies of our approval letters. If you have any additional questions, you can contact the Legal Specialization and Education Department of The Florida Bar at 850-561-5842 or

Can newly admitted attorneys complete their first cycle of CLE requirements through NACLE?

No, newly admitted attorneys in Florida must complete the Practice with Professionalism course and three Basic Skills courses.

Are National Academy of CLE courses approved for Florida Registered Paralegals credit by the Florida Bar?

Yes all of our preapproved courses are approved by the Florida Bar and have unique course numbers. Other courses that are not marked preapproved cannot be taken by FRP's.

How many credits do I need in order to meet the FRP continuing education requirement?

A Florida Registered Paralegal must complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education every 3 years, 5 hours of which shall be in legal ethics or professionalism.

How do I report my CLE hours?

For preapproved courses, go to and click “post your CLE course credits” Enter the course code that is on your certificate. For courses that have not been preapproved by the FL Bar, follow the instructions on the prefilled form that is generated when you complete the course.

You can find out more information about Florida Registered Paralegal Program by going to:

How are attendance hours posted on my CLE record?

You may now post your CLE credit hours online for all preapproved courses. You will need to request a password prior to using any of the online functions. Please allow 5-7 days to receive your confidential password. Go to Click on “Member Profile” on the right side of the web page and then click on “CLE Activity Posting”. A course number list will be included with every order. Use the codes on this list to enter your courses on the website. For courses that have not been preapproved by the FL Bar, follow the instructions on the prefilled form that is generated when you complete the course.

If I accumulate more than 30 hours, may I use the excess for my next reporting cycle?

Excess hours may not be carried forward.

Is there a grace period?

No, attorneys must comply by December 31 or the will be fined $150.

Where can I find the course codes to enter on the Florida Bar’s website?

For preapproved courses, after you listened to a lecture you will submit an affidavit for the course. The affidavit will prominently display the Florida course code. If you need assistance please call us toll free at 1-866-466-2253, we will either locate or assign a CLE Specialist to assist you promptly.


How many general and ethics hours are required for Washington State?

WA attorneys must complete 45 total MCLE approved credits every three years of which 6 hours must be in the area of ethics and at least 15 in the area of Law and Legal Procedure. Law and Legal Procedure (Black Letter Law) activities are defined as legal education relating to substantive law, legal procedure, process, research, writing, analysis, or related skills and technology approved for CLE credit. Attorneys may carry over a maximum of 15 credits including a maximum of 2 Ethics credits for a period of 36 months

How do I report the hours I completed?

You may now post all your CLE credits online! Post your credits online and watch your record update in real time. Simply visit the following website address: You will need your activity id number for each course completed. National Academy will provide you with these codes related to your purchase.

Do special requirements apply to newly admitted Washington attorneys?

If you are a newly admitted member, you are exempt from reporting CLE credits for the year of your admission and the following calendar year. For example, if you were admitted in 2016, you will not report for the reporting period 2014 -2016 even though you are in Group 1. You will first report and certify credits at the end of the 2017-2019 reporting period. For your first reporting period, you may claim all CLE credits earned on or after your date of admission to the WSBA.

If I accumulate more than 45 hours, may I use the excess for my next reporting cycle?

Yes. You may carry-over a maximum of 15 credits towards your next reporting period. Of these 15 credits, up to 2 can be ethics

How do I know which reporting group I'm in?

WSBA members are divided into three MCLE reporting groups based upon year of admission.

Reporting Group Admission Year Reporting Period
Group 1

1975 or earlier



Group 2




Group 3




For the admission years marked with an asterisk (*) please refer to the reporting period also marked with an asterisk (*) in your reporting group.

Attorneys with specific questions can contact
WA State Board of CLE
1325 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101-2539
Phone: 206-733-5912
Fax: (206)727-8313


How many general and ethics hours are required for Colorado?

Colorado attorneys must complete 45 credits, including 7 credits in legal ethics, during each three-year reporting period. Attorneys may obtain all 45 credits from self-study (also referred to as home study). National Academy of CLE offers all 45 hours via online, CD-ROM and audio cd formats. The compliance period ends Dec 31st and you must report by January 31st.

How do I report credits earned?

Attorneys must self-report completion of CLE. The Certificate of Completion issued by National Academy of CLE may be used to verify attendance.
Print a copy for your records and send a certified copy to:
State of Colorado Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education
1560 Broadway Suite 1820
Denver, CO 80202

If I accumulate more than 45 hours, may I use the excess for my next reporting cycle?

Colorado doesn’t allow any carryover credits.

Do special requirements apply to newly admitted Colorado attorneys?

The initial compliance period for newly admitted attorneys includes the balance of the year in which they are admitted plus the three subsequent calendar years.

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