Math as a Powerful Tool in Law: Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Employment and Chapter 11

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August 16
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
11:00AM - 12:00PM Eastern Time (EDT)

About This Course

Statistics and Probability Theory are useful tools in determining whether defendants in Title VII actions have engaged in employment discrimination. They can be used to determine whether disparities in the form of an underrepresentation of minority group members in particular jobs, in pay, benefits, or conditions of employment can be attributed solely to chance factors.

Relevant Populations are defined by race, religion, ethnicity, nationality or geography, and measurements are made regarding the employment status of those in such a defined Population by a particular employer.

Mathematical measurements are then made, and an assumption is postulated that no relevant discrimination exists with an Alternative Hypothesis that relevant discrimination does exist. Probabilities tell the tale when reality is measured against a no discrimination hypothesis.

Such a theory is used in criminal trials as well, but such a measurement is not generally determined. One could introduce probability evidence to determine probability that an individual has a certain number of counterfeit $20 Bills in his possession.

Game theory Analysis can be used to determine actions to be taken or avoided. One such example could be the following: A company, Parent, has as its subsidiary, SubCorp. SubCorp is in Chapter 11 in an amount in excess of Two Billion Dollars. Creditors are threatening to hold Parent responsible for the amount of their losses. Parent is ready to legally resist such a move.

Here is where the mathematics comes into play. If all Creditors and Parent agree on the probability of piercing the Corporate Veil and what the liability of Parent would be if successful, then these determinations can be used to determine how much Parent should agree to pay, but no more.

Math plays a significantly great role the determination of action in so many facets of law. These are just a few.

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