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This is a listing of Business Law CLE Courses for Arizona. Please make your selection below of Arizona CLE courses. Our courses are available on CDs, DVDs, Online & Mobile App. Click "Add" to purchase Individual CLE Courses. For more information about a particular CLE course, click on a course name.

Business Law Courses

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Representing Comic Book Creator Clients: A Guide to Contractual and IP Issues

This CLE program tracks recent trends in comic book business and legal practice as it introduces lawyers to the fundamentals of representing comic book industry clients. The discussion tracks the stages of representing a client from the initial comic book concept through to the negotiation of the publishing agreement. Some of the issues explored in this CLE: Intellectual property issues in the comic book industry Service agreements and collaboration agreements What publishers...

General Credits

Representing Multi-State Employers: How to Draft Legally Compliant Employee Handbooks

Understanding what an employee handbook must have in it is tough enough. However, if you represent a multi-state employer doing business in more than one state, it is even more complicated. There are a multitude of laws that vary state by state that an organization needs to ensure compliance with. Failure to do so can put an organization at legal peril. One of the causes for concern when drafting a multi-state handbook is that employers must comply with both federal and state laws c...

General Credits

Representing the Players: A Guide to Sports Contracts

From the viewpoint of Hollywood, the life of a sports agent is about representing celebrity players, traveling to exciting places and mingling with the media. While that may be true, behind the scenes, the contracts which bind players to those who represent them is part of an area of law that is both complex and fascinating. This CLE course will explain the various types of sports contracts and their restrictions, as well as the potential ethical issues involved. The course will also review th...

General Credits

Representing the Space Challenged Tenant: Tips and Traps in Small Office Leasing

As in many industries, when it comes to office tenants, it's the little guys who lose. That's why it's important to understand small office tenant agreements and how to effectively negotiate on their behalf. This CLE course will include an in–depth discussion of rental agreements and terms such as: Premises Rent Escalation Rent Terms of Use Alterations Maintenance and Repairs Insurance Subordination Indemnity Subletting And much more

General Credits

Research, Privacy and the Law: What You Need to Know to Avoid Trouble

Listening to your phone calls without a judge's warrant is illegal if you're a U.S. citizen. But do the police need a warrant? Can employers monitor and record their employees' phone conversations? If you are in a position where others might benefit from listening to your conversations, you may be a target of electronic eavesdropping or wiretapping. Is it a federal crime to wiretap without court approval, unless one of the parties has given their prior consent? Is a warrant needed to g...

General Credits

Rights of Publicity and Privacy

In this course, Rick Kurnit, a noted expert in Advertising and Media Law, IP and First Amendment cases, provides a guided tour of today’s most relevant privacy issues. This course reviews the development of rights of publicity and privacy, as well as how changes in technology and in the marketplace affect how companies disseminate information today. Topics covered include, what is commercial use, First Amendment claims (parody) Lanham Act and much more.

General Credits

Securities Arbitration & Mediation

There is no easier, faster and more streamlined method of resolving disputes than through securities arbitration. Specifically, there are no costly or lengthy depositions, very limited motions and no required appearances until the hearing. While the term “securities arbitration” scares many practitioners away, what attorneys do not understand is that matters brought by customers against their stock brokers or brokerage firms are generally the same. That is, each case has similar legal issu...

General Credits

Securities Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement Conference: Insights for the Financial Services Attorney

Join NYCLA’s Securities & Exchanges Committee, New Jersey State Bar Association’s Securities Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement Committee and NYCLA’s Futures & Derivatives Committee for a riveting discussion that will focus on the following topics: New Regulatory Landscape Reform, Proceedings, Investigations Developments in White Collar Matters & Insider Trading Cases in the wake of Newman Commodities, Futures and Derivatives – The Increasing Regulatory Reach Raising Capital & New...

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Incl. 2 Ethics

Selling Property; Deferring Tax - A Basic Guide to 1031 Exchanges

We may be centuries ahead of the old barter system, but there are times when a trade when is more advantageous than a sale. This specifically applies to 1031 Exchanges and its usefulness in avoiding taxes on commercial real estate sales. This informative and comprehensive CLE course will explain the basic tenets of 1031 Exchanges, how and when to establish them, the types of properties that qualify, and deadlines. The course will also review typically applicable taxes, tax deferment, the types...

General Credits

Serving Rural Clients Using Technology

Did you know there are thirty counties in Nebraska that have three or fewer attorneys? Did you know that eleven of those counties have zero attorneys? This is a huge problem in rural areas across the country. This lack of “access to justice” prevents many individuals and families from protecting their rights and utilizing the justice system. This CLE program will review how these barriers arise, what tools to use to serve rural clients, and detail some of the speakers own stories, both success...

General Credits
Attorneys may earn all 15 Arizona CLE credits from the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education. Our online courses satisfy the STATE BAR OF ARIZONA REGULATIONS “Interactive CLE” definition. To view further accreditation details, please click here.

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