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Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession: Recognition, Understanding and Intervention

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Presented by seasoned attorney and acclaimed author on intervention Mick Meagher, Esq., this CLE course offers insight into identifying the signs of addiction within the accepted guidelines and how to define addiction and addictive behaviors. The course will review the disease process of addiction, the warning signs to look for and how addiction impacts the lives of substance abusers both personally and professionally.

Lecturer Bio

Mick David Meagher, Esq.

Mick Meagher is a California State Bar member. He represents clients in Federal andState courts. His practice consists of matters related to SLAPP Litigation, Litigation withaddiction treatment providers, as well as assisting treatment providers in regulatory compliance.His SLAPP representation is primary focused on defense from SLAPP suits. In BusinessLitigation the focus is on contracts, trade secrets, and unfair business practices. He holds abusiness degree, and prior to entering law spent over 17 years in Chemical DependencyTreatment design, Intervention training, Treatment facility management and consulting.

Mick wrote the book Beginning of a Miracle: How to Intervene with the Addicted or Alcoholic Person (Health Communications, Inc. 1987). This book has been described as one of the best books ever written on the subject Intervention. Mick teaches the reader how to develop strategies to overcome the denial present in anyone who suffers from chemical dependence.

His business consulting service include restructuring treatment centers that are failing, to provided training for over 5,000 professionals to establish Intervention services. Participants in his programs include Family Members, Attorneys in MCLE programs, Physician Well-Being Committees, Physicians, Therapists, Educators and business leaders.

His relaxed, straight forward, and often humorous approach will provide the listener with practical information that makes the issues of substance abuse, such as denial and the surrounding symptoms understandable to his audiences.

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