The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Land Use Regulations

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More than 155 million Americans now live in states with legal weed. Maryland and Missouri passed legalization earlier this month, meaning there are now 21 states where anyone at least 21 years old will be able to legally possess marijuana. While people will soon be able to legally purchase and use marijuana in 21 states, cannabis remains classified as a Schedule I drug on the Controlled Substances Act, the same category as heroin. That means cannabis use can still be a disqualifying factor for anyone applying for a security clearance or trying to enter the U.S. military. Cannabis businesses operating in state-legal markets still struggle to open bank accounts or get small business loans to fund their start-up costs.

It is estimated that the total economic impact from the legal cannabis industry will be $50-100 billion domestically this year. That means that “for every $1 consumers spend at dispensaries, another $2.50 in economic benefit will be created in cities, states and the nation. Universities and private training institutions have stepped up to fortify the knowledge base of this industry with employee training and high-end research on everything from plant genetics to lighting used to grow plants in an indoor environment. Banks have loosened their policy and in accordance with federal filing requirements have created nationwide options for direct banking and/or third-party merchant service packages direct to the cannabis industry. Doctors and pharmacists all over the country are enrolling in state monitored cannabis programs and directing patient protocols for conditions ranging from childhood epilepsy to late-stage cancer treatments, among dozens of others.

As a result states typically allow local governments to enact ordinances governing the hours, location, manner and number of adult use cannabis businesses within their respective jurisdictions. The Instructor will explain the process of navigating local zoning regulations and state licensing requirements and how to overcome obstacles in leasing or purchasing real estate for cannabis use in order to have the best chance of opening a cannabis business.

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