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Reality Check: You CAN Defensibly Delete Data

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Many organizations are beginning to realize that there is nothing cheap about holding on to the exploding amounts of data, despite decreasing storage costs. And when information assets that could have been forever deleted are determined to be responsive to litigation, the cost of keeping them can skyrocket. Furthermore, with the growing amount of data being produced and new sources continually emerging (smartphones, social media, etc.), preserving, collecting, and reviewing this data for e-discovery purposes will likely only become more expensive and time-consuming.

An organization should have legal hold process and data governance systems that are designed with an eye on managing data during its identification-collection-preservation-deletion life cycle. During this CLE presentation, you will hear from e-discovery and information governance specialists regarding the potential challenges of preserving and deleting data.

Specifically, we will address:

  • What is defensible deletion?
  • Leading practices for maintaining a defensible litigation hold while deleting data
  • Best practices for data deletion

Lecturer Bios

Scott M. Giordano, Esq.

Scott Giordano, Esq. is an experienced attorney with more than 16 years legal, technology and risk management consulting experience. Holding both Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) certifications, Giordano serves as Exterro’s subject matter expert on the intersection of law and technology as it applies to e-discovery, information governance, compliance and risk management issues.

Richard Vestuto, Esq.

Richard Vestuto specializes in providing legal insight, best-practices guidance and other technology-based litigation and data retention strategies to corporate and law-firm clients. He has developed eDiscovery response plans and strategies, litigation hold policies, information governance strategies, defensible disposition tactics, early case assessment strategies and preservation/data acquisition plans.

Clients have engaged his services for Meet and Confer consulting and Rule 30(b)(6) deposition preparation and participation. He has served as an expert witness in numerous jurisdictions;testifying and/or drafting affidavits and similar court submissions attesting to validity of searches, forensic investigation procedures and findings, eDiscovery procedures, cost-sharing, and spoliation. He has had extensive experience in crossborder litigation involving EU and other international data privacy restrictions.

Vestuto has consulted in more than 200 litigations and investigations. He has conducted more than 100 accredited CLE presentations nationally and internationally. He has also presented around the world on eDiscovery, data retention and compliance, computer forensics, FCPA matters, cross-border litigation, the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Rules, early case assessment and other ESI related issues.

A contributing member of The Sedona Conference, Sedona’s Electronic Document Retention and Production Working Group (WG1), the EDRM Project and the EDRM’s Identification and Collection Committee. He is also a member of the NY State Bar Association, American Bar Association, the ABA Advisory Panel, Section of Litigation of the ABA, ABA Cyberspace Law Committee, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, ILTA, ARMA and the Digital Forensics Association.

Vestuto is an attorney admitted to practice in New York State. He earned his J.D. at Touro Law School and attended Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business where he studied Media Management.

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