Policing under Section 1983: The Year in Review


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About This Course

The past few years have been a monumental one for policing in America. Get on top of the developments that will affect your practice. First, a review of the Supreme Court’s term: residential searches under Caniglia v. Strom; residential arrests under Lange v. California; and intent to restrain as a seizure under Torres v. Madrid.

Next, the top ten ways policing after George Floyd and Breonna Taylor will affect your practice: from qualified immunity, choke holds, and no-knock warrants; to de-escalation, mental health calls and failure to intervene; to reforms in training and transparency in discipline; and changing concepts in law enforcement itself. All this, plus links to use in your practice.

Take-aways that will help your practice

  • Supreme Court’s term in review: limitations on residential searches and arrests, but an expansion of what is a seizure
  • Reforms that would limit qualified immunity, neck restraints, no-knock warrants, pursuits, shooting at vehicles, and require de-escalation of force and intervention
  • Training models that integrate assessment, communications and tactics and replace the use of force continuum and 21-foot rule
  • Discipline that involves early warning, citizen review boards, public hearings and access to disciplinary records
  • First Amendment, the right to protest, new concepts in crowd control
  • Legalization of drug possession and what that means to motor vehicle stops, searches and arrests
  • Future of policing

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