Holding The Marijuana Industry Legally Accountable

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Today’s marijuana is high in potency and can reach 99% pure delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The THC in marijuana causes the “high,” and leads to addiction, mental illness, violence, crime, traffic deaths, and many health and social problems. Voters were not adequately informed when marijuana legalization was put on ballots. Marijuana use causes a variety of harms not anticipated by the voters.

The marijuana industry victimizes people and causes massive damage as did the tobacco and opiate industries. They all follow the same play book. The industry products have created a class of victims just like the tobacco, opiate and pesticide industries.

Injured plaintiffs can make the following claims under federal or state law:

  • 1. Consumer product liability for products that are contaminated.
  • 2. Fraud for false advertising claims resulting in adverse outcomes.
  • 3. Medical malpractice. Marijuana use may be more dangerous than FDA approved drugs and can cause harm due to interacting with other drugs.
  • 4. Workers in the marijuana industry may be exposed to pesticides, heavy metals, fungus and other forms of contamination. So can their customers.
  • 5. The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act applies to “medical” marijuana and recreational marijuana as both are illegal under federal law. Anyone damaged economically by those in the marijuana industry may be able to sue under RICO.
  • 6. Server liability for marijuana stores or individuals who distribute marijuana to people who then kill or injure others in car crashes or other incidents.
  • 7. Damage to children such as birth defects, brain damage, and child abuse caused by parental marijuana use.
  • 8. Marijuana addiction requiring costly rehabilitation.
  • 9. Environmental claims due to pollution caused by marijuana growing.
  • 10. Lawsuits under the Drug Dealer Liability Act - several states have passed laws that make drug dealers civilly liable to those injured by a driver under the influence of drugs or families who lose a child to illegal drugs and others injured by illegal drugs.

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