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Ethical Attorney Business Development During a Crisis

Total Credits
1.5 - 2.3
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The Coronavirus has turned our world upside down and changed the way we work and connect with our clients, peers and other business associates. Yet this crisis could still create new opportunities to connect and promote yourself and your firm without seeming thoughtless and uncaring.

Learn how to become a resource to your clients, position yourself as a “Go To” authority at a time when people are clamoring for leadership, use virtual tools and social media to build and maintain relationships — all while complying with the Rules of Professional Conduct, with an emphasis on:

  • Rule 1.1: Competence
  • Rule 1.18: Duties to Prospective Clients Rule 1.6: Confidentiality of Information
  • Rule 1.8: Conflicts of Interest: Current Clients Rule 1.9: Duties to Former Clients
  • Rule 3.6: Trial Publicity
  • Rule 5.5: Unauthorized Practice of Law Rule 7.1: Advertising
  • Rule 7.2: Payment for Referrals
  • Rule 7.3: Solicitation and Recommendation of Professional Employment
  • Rule 7.4: Identification of Practice and Specialty
  • Rule 7.5: Professional Notices, Letterheads, and Signs Rule 3.6: Trial Publicity

Lecturer Bio

Jaimie B. Field, Esq.

Jaimie B. Field, Esq. has been involved in the legal industry since the age of twelve. She worked at her grandfather’s law firm in NYC and her father’s firm in New Jersey during breaks from school. It was because of that experience that she wanted to attend law school and become an attorney. She enjoyed her years at Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia and was lucky to obtain a job upon graduation as an in-house associate for a start-up entertainment company owned by the Jackson Family. As it was a brand new company, there were very few people on staff, so she began being called upon to perform tasks other than those related to law, including business development, marketing and public relations. It was there she discovered a passion and natural talent for that aspect of her job. Thus began a 20 year odyssey to learn and apply all aspects of marketing to help companies grow.

Even though Jaimie was fully entrenched in the marketing arena, she had never gotten far away from the law. Companies she worked with would enlist her help with projects which utilized the skills and knowledge she learned in law school. Seeing a business opportunity, Jaimie opened Marketing Field, LLC in 2002. It would become a marketing and business development consultancy devoted solely to law firms to help them grow by finding ethical solutions to getting new clients and marketing their firms. In 2008, Marketing Field’s focus shifted. In addition to marketing, Jaimie had been training and coaching her clients to become Rainmakers, growing their books of business. Now, she spends most of her time presenting seminars and working oneon-one with clients.

She has an amazing talent for creating profitable perspectives and by listening to her clients and teaching them to do the same, she helps them develop strategies based on their individual personalities. The result is the ability to open doors to growing their businesses ethically, even if they have already been shut. Her seminars are always entertaining and informative and she has found a way to motivate attorneys when they can’t seem to motivate themselves.

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