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Business ADR For Lawyers: What Alternative Dispute Resolution Can Mean For Your Practice

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the wave of the present -- and the future -- for resolving business disputes and conflicts while avoiding the greater expense, delay, disruption, lack of control, and animosity inherent in most court litigation. In most (but not all) instances, business disputes can be resolved better, quicker, and more cost-effectively through ADR processes, primarily arbitration and mediation. But many lawyers are relatively unfamiliar with these tools, and are confused about the differences between, and uses of, the various forms of ADR. Failure to have these strategic “arrows” in your practice “quiver” places you at a disadvantage regardless of the nature of your law practice. Attend this fast-moving program to learn what ADR is all about; explore some of the many myths and misconceptions about ADR; learn the 3 principal ways that cases can wind up in ADR; find out how ADR can benefit transactional lawyers, litigators, and clients alike; learn when ADR should and should not be used; discover how you can arrange in advance to avoid having your dispute go to court and instead submit it to the more streamlined and customized ADR processes; find out several ways in which lawyers can become involved in ADR; and hear powerful case examples exemplifying how ADR has resolved some real-life disputes where court litigation simply would not work.

Lecturer Bio

David J. Abeshouse, Esq.

David Abeshouse, formerly a partner in a medium-sized L.I. firm, has for nearly ten years been a solo practitioner concentrating in business litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), creatively resolving the business disputes and conflicts of clients -- entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses -- through court litigation, arbitration, or mediation. His law practice centers around business-to-business dispute resolution.

David serves as a professional neutral Arbitrator on the Commercial Panel of Neutrals of the American Arbitration Association and several other forums. In this capacity, he acts essentially as a private judge, hearing evidence and rendering awards that are enforceable like court judgments.

He also is a forum-based and private Mediator, operating as a neutral facilitator of settlement negotiations leading to agreement and resolution of business disputes. Mediation is an extraordinarily successful means of avoiding excessive court litigation (and the attendant expense, disruption, delay, and risks inherent in court proceedings) and achieving creative, mutually beneficial results for all parties involved as well as for the professionals who advise them. See his profile at: David also acts as an ADR consultant to other lawyers.

David is the co-founder (in 2000) and Webmaster of the Attorney Round Table (, a unique networking group of approximately twenty-five niche practice lawyers who meet monthly, support each other in their practices, and refer business among members.

He has served for many years on the Boards of Directors, or as President, or as pro bono General Counsel, of several not-for-profit corporations; helps to run business networking groups; and for nearly twenty years ran the U.S. (Manhattan and Chicago) real estate business of an Australian client. David also is a past Chairperson of the Nassau County Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Committee.

David frequently presents at public speaking engagements on a variety of law-related topics (particularly ADR), and regularly writes and publishes articles online and in magazines, books, and newspapers nationwide and regionally.

For additional information, including testimonials, publications, speaking engagements, and a personal statement of practice philosophy, please visit his website:

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