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Bitcoin: Time For Lawyers To Take A Byte

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The economic impact of digital evolution is a reality of our daily lives. Over the past decade, the “Internet of Things” replaced the “Internet of Information.”

Today and since the emergence of blockchain technology, we are seeing a sweeping wave of the “Internet of Value” gradually taking over the web and yielding in its wake a transformation of our economic systems deeper than the first two waves combined.

Open a magazine, nowadays, and you’re bound to find an article discussing blockchain or cryptocurrency, but the ethical perspective of its use had largely been neglected.

Clients who use the technology present both opportunities and risks for lawyers who practice in the space. This lecture will provide an overview of both the technology and the ethical minefields that arise for lawyers.

Lecturer Bio

Elie D. Al-Chaer, Esq.

Elie D. Al-Chaer is an attorney and counselor in Texas since 2002. His primary practice areas initially focused on professional and business immigration. He has also worked as a mediator and a consultant on business planning, home health law, international law, and immigration. Over the years, his practice expanded to include professional and academic grievances, family law, contracts, negotiations, and civil disputes resolution. In 2017, he developed an interest in the legal aspects of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and decentralized finance and since then, he has been advising clients on this emerging field of law.

Elie was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He grew up speaking English, French and Arabic, and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree (Mathematics, 1988) and his Master of Science Degree (Physiology, 1991) at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He came to the USA in 1992 and attended graduate school as an F-1 Visa student at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston (UTMB), where he earned his Ph.D. (Neuroscience, 1996). Following his graduation, he qualified for a National Interest Waiver as an outstanding Scholar with Extraordinary Ability and became a Permanent Resident (1998).

As an immigrant exposed to some high-profile legal cases in the 1990s, he became fascinated with the law and attended law school as a permanent resident (Green Card) at South Texas College of Law in Houston where he received his J.D. in 2002. In that same year he passed the Texas bar examination and was sworn as an Attorney and Counselor at Law before the Supreme Court of Texas on November 6, 2002. Dr. Al-Chaer wears many professional hats besides being an attorney. He is a neuroscientist and was Professor of Neuroscience and Internal Medicine at the UTMB in Galveston (1998 – 2004) and at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (2004 -2013); he’s also Professor and Chairman of Anatomy, Physiology, Cell Biology and Neuroscience at the AUB since 2013. He has taught Neuroscience, Human Cognition and Ethics at institutions in the USA and abroad and has given several CME and CLE lectures to professional societies around the world.

Al-Chaer is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA); he is admitted to practice in the State of Texas (2002) and the District of Columbia (Washington DC; 2006). He is well published and recipient of numerous awards. He has appeared as a guest speaker at professional meetings in the United States and throughout the world. His dedication to serving the legal needs of his clients, as well as his polymath approach to legal issues, assures his clients will always receive the best comprehensive and reliable legal service. To learn more about Elie D. Al-Chaer, check his Résumé or read his Executive Curriculum Vitae (CV) on the website of his office at

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