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Litigation Bundle - Alaska CLE

Total Credits:12.25 Ethics Credits:4.25
Bundle Price:$199 (Save $426!)

We have selected our most popular lectures and bundled them together into our Alaska Litigation Bundle. This Bundle contains 12 Credit Hours of CLE Lectures - Including 3 Credit Hours of Ethics.

In the trial of a personal injury action, the defendant's insurance carrier will invariably hire litigation doctors on its behalf to examine the plaintiff in order to testify at trial for the purpose of assisting in the defense of the case with resp...

General Credits:2.25

Warning labels have begun to resemble manuals, mentioning every possible hazard and misuse for a product from the likely to the absurd. This CLE course will present an in-depth review of warnings as they’ve evolved from aural and visual signs (Stop,...

General Credits:2

Though it seems almost impossible in an age of all-inclusive warning labels, failure to warn claims abound. But what is a failure to warn claim and how is it litigated? This CLE course will use relevant case law to present the flow of failure to...

General Credits:2

Witness testimony is perhaps one of the most unpredictable elements in any trial. The testimony from a hostile witness can be both unpredictable and risky, making the cross examination of a “cooperating” witness a treacherous, challenging adventure...

General Credits:1.75

Today, many lawyers use social media not only to stay in touch with friends and family, but also to build their professional reputations and market their practices. As lawyers expand their presence on social media, however, they must confront confus...

Ethics Credits:1.25

Electronic communication has made businesses more economical, environmental, and efficient. The speed and ease with which we conduct transactions, from the simplest to the most complex, is unprecedented. But the new modes of communication have drawb...

Ethics Credits:1

Communication today is almost entirely electronic, web-based and instantaneous. This is true across all industries and is relevant to almost all types of communications. And while most businesses expect, require and create provisions for confidentia...

Ethics Credits:1

In today’s fast-moving digital age, attorneys must understand technology – both its capabilities and limitations – to competently and diligently represent clients. This CLE program will discuss the American Bar Association’s recently approved new am...

Ethics Credits:1
National Academy of Continuing Legal Education courses are accredited by numerous mandatory CLE States. The Alaska Bar Association will accept all credits earned from NACLE through reciprocity. Attorneys can earn all 12 hours including the specialty requirement through the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education. Multiple Formats Available Including DVDs, Audio CDs, Online & iOS/Android App!

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