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Estate Planning Bundle - Ohio CLE

Total Credits:12 Ethics Credits:4
Bundle Price:$199 (Save $376!)

We have selected our most popular lectures and bundled them together into our Estate Planning Bundle. This Bundle contains 12 Credit Hours of CLE Lectures - Including 2.75 Credit Hours of "Professional Conduct” topics.

As all attorneys know or should know, every attorney is, ipso facto, an agent of each client, with concomitant fiduciary duties to the client. This CLE program provides a unique opportunity to understand the principles of agency law, giving attorney...

Ethics Credits:2.25

All too often, traditional negotiation strategies result in blown up deals, protracted litigation, and destroyed relationships. Since we all negotiate every day, the stakes are far too high to rely on tired tactics that don’t work. Some people belie...

General:1.25 Ethics:0.5

This CLE course will introduce attorneys to the preparation of the Federal Estate Tax Return, Form 706. Because of portability, filing this return on the death of the first spouse has become very important. In fact, it might be malpractice not to fi...

General Credits:1.5

In this CLE course, ethics expert and legal malpractice attorney Daniel Abrams shares his views on how lawyers can protect themselves and minimize their chances of being sued for malpractice or being subject to other ethical headaches. Mr. Abrams co...

Ethics Credits:1.25

This CLE is designed to alert attorneys on the issues and possible pitfalls related to practicing law in jurisdictions (US or foreign) in which he or she is not licensed. It is designed to alert them as to what to consider before undertaking such re...

General Credits:1.25

Estate and financial planning are being transformed by a host of factors including the permanent higher exemptions, the aging population, evolving case law and new perspectives on practice. This CLE presentation explores a range of new planning idea...

General Credits:1

Pre-mortem planning must address a range of issues that in many cases differ from those traditionally focused on by practitioners. Monitoring and properly exercising swap powers is critical for clients with irrevocable grantor trusts. Making gifts t...

General Credits:1

Every practitioner is aware that the population generally, and client base in particular, are aging. But what does this mean for estate and other planning? What new services can practitioners offer aging clients? Why do traditional planning and draf...

General Credits:1

It is an honor to be selected as an executor or trustee, but that service comes with significant legal obligations. This CLE program will examine many important legal and practical issues that executors or trustees confront, and it will present caut...

General Credits:1
Accepted CLE Formats: Audio, Video and Online programs count as self-study unless a qualified speaker must be present to answer questions and provide supplemental commentary.

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