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NJ New Admit Basic Skills Bundle - New Jersey CLE

Total Credits:12.3
Bundle Price:$295 (Save $255!)

Newly admitted lawyers in New Jersey must satisfy 15 of their required 24 MCLE credits in any 5 of 9 subject areas during their 1st compliance period, pursuant to Regulation 201:2 of the New Jersey Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal Education. This bundle satisfies 12 of the 15 NJ Basic Skills hours that apply to NJ newly admitted requirements.

Are you a newly admitted New Jersey attorney or an experienced New Jersey attorney seeking a refresher course in the basics of civil litigation and Municipal Court practice? Are you an out-of-state attorney who has a pending civil or Municipal Court...

General Credits:2.5

For a novice attorney, administering an estate in New Jersey can seem overwhelming. But most of the information needed to successfully accomplish estate administration can be found in one place—Title 3B. This CLE course will offer a comprehensiv...

General Credits:2.1

Putting aside the emotional turmoil of divorce, the dissolution of a marriage is very much a legal proceeding. A thorough understanding of all the materials, procedures and elements is essential to the successful representation of your client. T...

General Credits:1.5

There is perhaps no relationship more fraught with conflict than that of a landlord and tenant. And yet, it is a relationship that is governed primarily by specific laws and statutes. This CLE course will review NJ’s various legal requirements which...

General Credits:1.3

One would think that after all the bargaining and bidding, contracts and clauses, the real estate closing would be mere formality. But a real estate closing is a complex process with tremendous potential for problems that can weaken and sometimes br...

General Credits:1.3

Regardless of how seasoned the attorney, the key to a successful civil trial is preparation. There is simply no substitute for a well-prepared, well-organized case. This CLE course will outline everything the trial attorney needs to do to ensure the...

General Credits:1.2

Estate Planning is perhaps the most comprehensive means of building, preserving arranging and distributing assets, both before and after death. But the construction of a secure estate plan requires both the knowledge of the elements of estate plannin...

General Credits:1.2

This CLE lecture will review the relevant Rules of Court and best practices under New Jersey law for preparing for and conducting direct and cross examinations of expert witnesses.

General Credits:1.2
National Academy of Continuing Legal Education is a NJ Accredited CLE Provider. You can see our official approval letter here: NACLE NJ Approval Letter. NJ Attorneys may earn 12 out of the 24 CLE credit hours from National Academy of Continuing Legal Education, including all 4 Legal Ethics credits through either using our multiple formats including DVDs, Audio CDs, Online & iOS/Android App and may earn all 24 credit hours with these formats if they are exempt from the Live Course requirement. Rule 201:3. Carryover. A total of twelve credit hours may be carried over to a subsequent compliance period.

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